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iPhone For Seniors For Dummies, 6th Edition

iPhone For Seniors For Dummies, 6th Edition

Dwight Spivey

ISBN: 978-1-119-28019-4

Nov 2016

480 pages


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Your no-nonsense guide to getting in touch with your iPhone

Once you're comfortable with your iPhone, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it—and this full-color guide will get you there faster than you can say 'Siri.' Packed with guidance on everything from buying your first iPhone and navigating the Home screen to making calls, surfing the web, and sending texts and emails, iPhone For Seniors For Dummies shows you just how fun and easy it is to keep up with the kids!

Featuring a large-print format, easy-to-follow figures and drawings, and lots of step-by-step guidance, it gives you all the friendly instruction you need to put the iPhone to work for you—to shop, socialize, consume media, and absolutely everything in between. Whether you're finally retiring that familiar old flip phone or switching over to Apple from an Android device, everything you need to take the leap is a page away.

  • Keep in touch with email, social media, and FaceTime video calls
  • Stay on schedule with the Calendar and Reminder apps
  • Share photos, read ebooks, play games, and listen to music
  • Explore the multitouch interface and get familiar with built-in apps

The iPhone is only intimidating on the surface, and this plain-English guide shows you how its simplicity and ease of use are actually a better fit for your needs than you ever realized!

Introduction 1

Part 1: Getting to Know Your iPhone 5

CHAPTER 1: Buying Your iPhone 7

CHAPTER 2: Exploring the Home Screen 21

CHAPTER 3: Getting Going 37

CHAPTER 4: Beyond the Basics 51

Part 2: Beginning to Use Your iPhone63

CHAPTER 5: Making and Receiving Calls 65

CHAPTER 6: Managing Contacts 81

CHAPTER 7: Communicating with FaceTime and Messages 103

CHAPTER 8: Using Handy Utilities 125

CHAPTER 9: Making Your iPhone More Accessible 139

CHAPTER 10: Conversing with Siri 159

Part 3: Exploring the Internet177

CHAPTER 11: Browsing with Safari 179

CHAPTER 12: Working with Email in Mail 203

CHAPTER 13: Expanding Your iPhone Horizons with Apps 225

CHAPTER 14: Socializing with Facebook and Twitter 239

Part 4: Enjoying Media 251

CHAPTER 15: Shopping the iTunes Store 253

CHAPTER 16: Reading Books 269

CHAPTER 17: Enjoying Music and Podcasts 289

CHAPTER 18: Taking and Sharing Photos 305

CHAPTER 19: Creating and Watching Videos 327

CHAPTER 20: Playing Games 337

Part 5: Living with Your iPhone 361

CHAPTER 22: Getting in Step with Health 363

CHAPTER 23: Keeping On Schedule with Calendar and Clock 375

CHAPTER 24: Working with Reminders and Notifications 397

CHAPTER 25: Making Notes 411

CHAPTER 26: Getting the News You Need 429

CHAPTER 27: Troubleshooting and Maintaining Your iPhone 437

Index 451