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iPod & iTunes VISUAL Quick Tips

iPod & iTunes VISUAL Quick Tips

ISBN: 978-0-470-37768-0

Feb 2008

224 pages

Select type: E-Book


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Would you like to discover the best ways to find cool stuff on iTunes, download it all to your iPod, and get the very most out of both these hot technologies from Apple? Then this Visual Quick Tips book is for you. This book will increase your productivity by providing you with shortcuts, tricks, and tips to help you work smarter and faster. Learn how to smoothly integrate iTunes with your iPod, manage your iTunes library, and use your iPod for more than music.
Chapter 1: iTunes Basics.

Download iTunes on a PC.

Download iTunes on a Mac.

Explore the iTunes Interface.

Switch to the MiniPlayer.9

Normalize Volume Settings.

Search iTunes for Content.

Browse iTunes for Content.

Sort Content in iTunes.

Delete Content.

Run iTunes Diagnostics.

Remove Duplicate Content.

Get iTunes Help on a PC.

Get iTunes Help on a Mac.

Chapter 2: iTunes Store Basics.

Access the iTunes Store.

Explore the iTunes Store Home Page.

Set Up Your iTunes Store Account.

Manage Your iTunes Store Account.

Authorize a Computer to Play iTunes Store Purchases.

Restrict Access to Explicit Content.

Browse for Content in the iTunes Store.

Search for Content in the iTunes Store.

Preview Content in the iTunes Store.

Purchase Content from the iTunes Store.

Upgrade Your iTunes Store Purchases.

View iTunes Plus Content.

Shop Using the iTunes MiniStore.

Set Up an iTunes Store Allowance.

Purchase an iTunes Store Gift Certificate.

Redeem an iTunes Gift Certificate.

Get iTunes Store Support.

Chapter 3: iPod Basics.

Explore the iPod.

Understanding the iPod Menus.

Sync Your iPod with iTunes.

View Available Space on Your iPod.

Delete Items from Your iPod.

Browse for Content on Your iPod.

Search for Content on Your iPod.

Customize Your iPod’s Main Menu.

Adjust iPod Sound and Volume Settings.

Adjust iPod Video Settings.

Shuffle Content.

Repeat Content.

Change Language Settings.

Lock the iPod’s Screen.

Get iPod Help.

Chapter 4: Enjoy Music with iTunes and Your iPod.

Add a Song on Your Computer to iTunes.

Add a Song on the Internet to iTunes.

Import CDs into iTunes.

Change Import Settings.

Listen to Music Files in iTunes.

Play a CD in iTunes.

Change Equalizer Settings.

Enable Visual Effects.

Retrieve CD Information Online.

Enter and View Lyrics.

Fade Songs In and Out.

Listen to Music on Your iPod.

Chapter 5: Work with Playlists and Burn CDs with iTunes.

Create a Playlist.

Edit a Playlist.

Create a Smart Playlist.

Convert a Smart Playlist to a Standard Playlist.

Change Party Shuffle Settings.

Publish an iMix or Sport iMix.

Set Up a Wish List.

Burn a CD.

Print CD Inserts.

Save On-The-Go Playlists on Your iPod.

Chapter 6: Enjoy Other Audio Content with iTunes and Your iPod.

Listen to Internet Radio in iTunes.

Connect to an Internet Broadcast.

Download a Podcast Episode from the iTunes Store.

Subscribe to a Podcast from the iTunes Store.

Download Podcasts from Other Online Sources.

Change Podcast Settings.

Listen to a Podcast in iTunes.

Listen to a Podcast on Your iPod.

Optimize Settings for Spoken-Word Recordings.

Import an Audio Book from CD.

Listen to an Audio Book in iTunes.

Listen to an Audio Book on Your iPod.

Chapter 7: Enjoy Video with iTunes and Your iPod.

Purchase Multiple Episodes of a TV Show at the iTunes Store.

Import a Video from Your Computer to iTunes.

Watch a Video in iTunes.

Optimize a Video for Viewing on Your iPod.

Watch a Video on Your iPod.

Watch a Video Podcast on Your iPod.

Chapter 8: Explore iPod Extras.

Play Games.

Load and View Photos on Your iPod.

Create a Photo Slide Show on Your iPod.

Set the iPod Clock.

Set an Alarm.

Use the iPod Stopwatch.

Synchronize and View Contacts (PC).

Change Contact Settings.

Synchronize and View Calendar Items (PC).

Synchronize Contacts (Mac).

Synchronize Calendar Items (Mac).

Use Your iPod as a Storage Device.

View Text Files on Your iPod.

Chapter 9: Manage Your iTunes Library.

Set Up Multiple Libraries.

Share Your iTunes Library with Others.

Detect Shared Libraries.

Back Up Your iTunes Library to CD or DVD.

Transfer Your iTunes Library to Another Computer.

Using iTunes’ Parental Controls.

Using AppleScripts with iTunes.