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Subsurface Science and Engineering of Shale

Marcelo Dewers

Geomagnetically Induced Currents from the Sun to the Power Grid

Jennifer Gannon, Andrei Swidinsky, Zonghua Xu, Antti Pulkkinen

Techniques for Disaster Risk Management and Mitigation

Prashant K. Srivastava, Sudhir Kumar Singh, U. C. Mohanty, Tad Murty

Kuroshio Current: Physical, Biogeochemical, and Ecosystem Dynamics

Takeyoshi Nagai, Hiroaki Saito, Koji Suzuki, Motomitsu Takahashi

Mathematical Geoenergy: Discovery, Depletion, and Renewal

Paul Pukite, Dennis Coyne, Daniel Challou

Geological Carbon Storage: Subsurface Seals and Caprock Integrity

Stéphanie Vialle, Jonathan Ajo-Franklin, J. William Carey

Lithospheric Discontinuities

Huaiyu Yuan, Barbara Romanowicz
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  • of 12 Pages
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