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Synthesis and Processing of Nanostructured Materials, Volume 27, Issue 8

Andrew Wereszczak, Edgar Lara-Curzio, William M. Mullins

Advances in Ceramic Armor II, Volume 27, Issue 7

Andrew Wereszczak, Edgar Lara-Curzio, Lisa Prokurat Franks

Advanced Ceramic Coatings and Interfaces, Volume 27, Issue 3

Dongming Zhu, Uwe Schulz, Andrew Wereszczak, Edgar Lara-Curzio

Advances in Solid Oxide Fuel Cells II, Volume 27, Issue 4

Andrew Wereszczak, Edgar Lara-Curzio, Narottam P. Bansal

Advances in Bioceramics and Biocomposites II, Volume 27, Issue 6

Mineo Mizuno, Andrew Wereszczak, Edgar Lara-Curzio

Developments in Strategic Materials, Volume 29, Issue 10

Hua-Tay Lin, Kunihito Koumoto, Waltraud M. Kriven, David P. Norton, Edwin Garcia, Ivar E. Reimanis, Tatsuki Ohji, Andrew Wereszczak

Nanostructured Materials and Nanotechnology II, Volume 29, Issue 8

Sanjay Mathur, Mrityunjay Singh, Tatsuki Ohji, Andrew Wereszczak

Advanced Ceramic Coatings and Interfaces III, Volume 29, Issue 4

Hua-Tay Lin, Dongming Zhu, Tatsuki Ohji, Andrew Wereszczak
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  • of 2 Pages
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