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Sourcing Group

Strategic Sourcing and procurement is split into the following commodity groups:


Consulting/professional services performed in the areas of business consulting, market research, human resources, benefit and support programs, finance, temporary workforce services etc.


Content Management Sources Content creation and composition services, cover design, copyediting services, production project management services, translation services, artwork services, and XML conversion services across the Wiley book and Journal publishing portfolio.


Digital Media Sources digital products and services other than the core Content Management deliverables, including e-learning, rich media, enhanced e-books and websites


Facilities Operations and Maintenance (FOM): cleaning (building structure, electrical, safety, mechanical, and plant equipment maintenance, cleaning/housekeeping, grounds, and general infrastructure services), also provision of security, environmental, maintenance repair operations (MRO), office supplies, business equipment hardware (including audio visual, mail, copy/fax, and television/video cassette recorder devices) and cafeteria.

Facilities Design and Construction (FDC): services and/or supplies associated with the rearrangement and construction of a facility; Furniture includes the services and/or suppliers associated with the rental, purchase, installation, maintenance, and repair of all furniture within a facility; Utilities: Electricity, natural gas, and fuel oils.


Freight and Logistics sources the services required in Wiley’s logistics program and include materials, packaging, inventory, transportation, and warehousing.


Services in support of internal and external communications, marketing and advertising such as entertainment, public relations, video production graphic design for media presentations, advertising, awards/gifts, promotional items with the Wiley logo, article writing, meeting/event coordination and trade shows.


Paper Planning and Purchasing is responsible for selection, price negotiation, purchase and inventory management of paper required for the manufacture of books and journals around the globe. Our paper programs and purchasing methods are designed to leverage our purchase volume, guarantee continuity of supply and provide colleagues in all locations with flexible and cost effective paper choices.


Print sourcing services include multicolor printing, journals, books, brochures, pamphlets, catalogs, annual report printing, printed graphics, all web and sheet-fed offset printing (1&2 color documentation, multicolor marketing material, forms, labels, packaging and catalogs), digital/xerographic (POD or bulk copy 1 color publications and short run 4 color marketing material), CDs, and USBs.


Technology Sourcing Includes all hardware, software, communication and connectivity services; networking hardware and services including networked storage and wireless LAN, local and global carrier services and uninterruptible power supplies. Communication services including telephone hardware and services, local and long distance voice carrier services and additional telecommunication carrier services include: Conferencing (audio, video, and Web), and mobile devices (Smart phones, tablets, and cell phones).

Information Technology (IT) equipment hardware (including laptops; servers) and maintenance, and other IT-related services solutions (including managed network print).

Software licensed to Wiley for both internal and external use, both commercially available software, whether modified or not, and software customized to meet Wiley and its customers' requirements.


All business travel services. Regional contacts include airlines, ground transportation, hotels, travel agency services, and corporate cards.