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Jussi Suikkanen is one of the world’s best young moral philosophers, and in this clear and wide-ranging text, he provides an excellent introduction to the philosophical investigation of morality, spanning applied ethics, normative ethics and metaethics. Highly recommended for students and teachers of philosophical ethics.

– Alexander Miller, University of Otago

Suikkanen’s ethics textbook is one of the very best — and most useful — in existence. The book insightfully discusses the main positions in contemporary normative theory, as well as the leading metaethical theories. The weblinks and glossary will prove invaluable to students.

– Brad Hooker, University of Reading


To get a quick sense of the book, you can read the Table of Contents. You can find useful supplementary material for both students and instructors below.

Resources and Self-Assessment

You can download live links for each chapter below (e-books have the links built in). We’ve also provided flashcards for each chapter. Readers are also directed to a free glossary of philosophical terms and the This Is Ethics Quizlet to aid in their studies. The Quizlet includes flashcards, self-testing exercises, and learning games.

Web links to Online Resources

Chapter One: Pleasure

Chapter Two: Happiness, Well-Being, and the Meaning of Life

Chapter Three: Egoism and Altruism

Chapter Four: Consequentialism and Kantian Ethics

Chapter Five: Intuitionism, Particularism, and Virtue Ethics

Chapter Six: Subjectivism, Relativism, and Divine Commands

Chapter 7: Naturalism and the Open Question Argument

Chapter 8: Moral Motivation and Expressivism

Chapter 9: Moral Responsibility

Chapter 10: Population Growth and Climate Change

"Instructor Pack" on Request

Instructors should contact us to request a free "Instructor Pack", including:

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