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“Tuckness and Wolf have written a remarkably comprehensive and refreshingly accessible introduction to political philosophy. The central figures, texts, and arguments concerning major topics such as freedom, justice, and democracy, are all discussed in a clear, evenhanded manner. Moreover, the book includes compelling discussions of emerging issues, including the environment, terrorism, and political corruption. Students at all levels will benefit a great deal from this book.” 

– Robert Talisse, Vanderbilt University


This Is Political Philosophy is an accessible, rigorous introduction to major issues in social and political philosophy. Chapters address different ideals of political organization, including democracy, liberty, equality, justice, and happiness. In addition, it includes chapters on the obligation to obey the law, war and terrorism, the boundaries of justice, politics and religion, and ethics in public life.

One of the distinguishing features of the volume is that in each case, discussion of recent theoretical literature is linked to practical political and legal issues that students are aware of and interested in; each chapter begins with real political debates and issues, and shows how philosophy sheds light on those debates, revealing political philosophy in action. The book is co-authored by a political theorist and a philosopher, and as this particular topic straddles disciplinary lines in a unique way, they are ideally placed to offer credible insights from both perspectives.

To get a quick sense of the book, you can read the Table of Contents.

About the Authors

Alex Tuckness is a Professor at Iowa State University in the departments of Political Science and Philosophy. His research focuses on toleration, mercy, punishment, international humanitarianism, and public service ethics. He is the author of Locke and the Legislative Point of View (2002) and The Decline of Mercy in Public Life (with John Michael Parrish, 2014) as well as numerous articles.





Clark Wolf is Professor at Iowa State University in the departments of Philosophy and Political Science. His research focuses on issues in the theory of justice, the philosophy of law, and bioethics. His work on law, intergenerational justice, political liberalism, intellectual property, reproductive ethics, and environmental ethics have appeared in Ethics and other major journals.





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