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Chirality in Agrochemicals

Norio Kurihara (Editor), Junshi Miyamoto (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-471-98121-3 October 1998 282 Pages


Written by leading experts from industry and academia, this is the first book devoted to the topic of chirality in agrochemicals, discussing the synthesis, activity and toxicology of chiral agrochemicals.

The importance of using optically pure compounds has long been recognized by the pharmaceutical industry. The discovery that opposite enantiomers can have similarly diverse effects on plants and insects has had no less a revolutionary impact on the agrochemical industry. In this review volume, interesting and topical examples of chiral agrochemicals are brought together.

It covers:

* Pyrethroid Insecticides

* Organophosphorus Insecticides and Fungicides

* Aryloxyophenoxypropanoate Herbicides

* Acylanilides

* Triazoles

* Insect Hormones and Pheromones

The book will provide invaluable information for all those in the field.
Pyrethroids (K. Chamberlain, et al.).

Importance of Chirality in Organophosphorus Agrochemicals (M. Sasaki).

Chiral Acylanilides and Chiral Triazole-Related Fungicides (F. Spindler & T. Früh).

Aryloxyphenoxypropanoate Herbicides (T. Haga, et al.).

Chirality in Insect Juvenile Hormones and Pheromones (K. Mori).

"The book provides an effective source of up-to-date information on enantiopure agrochemicals and is surely useful for all readers involved in research and development in the field.", , , Agrochimica#"Written to complement texts on the synthesis of chiral drugs, the world-renowned editors provide readers with broad coverage of the issues surrounding chiral agrochemicals - a subject which is increasingly being considered in the synthesis and development of new compounds.", , , International Pest Control#