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Design and Analysis of Clinical Experiments


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Design and Analysis of Clinical Experiments

Joseph L. Fleiss

ISBN: 978-1-118-03117-9 January 2011 448 Pages


First published in 1986, this unique reference to clinical experimentation remains just as relevant today. Focusing on the principles of design and analysis of studies on human subjects, this book utilizes and integrates both modern and classical designs. Coverage is limited to experimental comparisons of treatments, or in other words, clinical studies in which treatments are assigned to subjects at random.
Reliability of Measurement.

Simple Linear Regression Analysis.

The Parallel Groups Design.

Special Cases of the Parallel Groups Study.

Blocking to Control for Prognostic Variables.

Stratification to Control for Prognostic Variables.

Analysis of Covariance and the Study of Change.

Repeated Measurements Studies.

Latin and Greco-Latin Squares.

The Crossover Study.

Balanced Incomplete Block Designs.

Factorial Experiments.

Split-Plot Designs and Confounding.