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The Wiley Blackwell Concise Companion to the Hadith



£ 150.00


The Wiley Blackwell Concise Companion to the Hadith

Daniel W. Brown

ISBN: 978-1-118-63851-4 December 2019 Wiley-Blackwell 530 Pages

£ 150.00


The most comprehensive and up-to-date English-language guide on hadith scholarship

The source of much of our knowledge of the first two centuries of Islamic history, the hadith literature is made up of thousands of traditions collected during the formative years of Islam. Alongside the Qur'an, the hadith forms a second major body of Islamic scripture, and much of Islamic belief and practice rests on the hadith including Islamic law, Islamic theology, Qur'anic interpretation, political thought, and personal behavior. Yet despite its importance to Muslims worldwide and its indispensable role as a source for early Islamic history, the hadith remains unexplored territory for many non-specialist readers.

The Wiley Blackwell Companion to the Hadith is a concise yet comprehensive overview of both Islamic and Western traditions of hadith study, offering up-to-date scholarship and providing readers with an essential guide to this distinctive aspect of Islam.

Written by a multidisciplinary team of distinguished scholars, the Companion discusses questions of authenticity, epistemology and authority in the hadith and explores the relationship of the hadith literature to other ways of transmitting knowledge and establishing authority. 

  • Covers the origins of hadith, the application of hadith within the Islamic intellectual tradition, and contemporary revaluations of hadith literature
  • Addresses developments in modern scholarship about the origins of Islam and Islamic law which are rooted in a revaluation of hadith
  • Presents new and groundbreaking research from international scholars from divergent perspectives to present an accurate and lively overview of the field
  • Explores the emergence of skepticism about hadith among western scholars
  • Surveys the evolution of a wide range of approaches to hadith among modern Muslims

Filling a significant gap in current literature in the field, The Wiley Blackwell Companion to the Hadith is a valuable resource for students, scholars, and researchers in Islamic studies, Islamic law, history, and theology. 

List of Figures

Notes on Contributors


Part I Overview

1 The Classical Tradition
Ghassan Abdul-Jabbar

2 Western Hadith Studies
Daniel W. Brown

Part II Beginnings

3 Revelation
William A. Graham

4 Muhammad
Andreas Görke

5 Recording
Gregor Schoeler

6 Dating
Pavel Pavlovitch

Part III Growth

7 Collections
Ghassan Abdul-Jabbar

8 Commentaries
Mustafa Macit Karagözoğlu

9 Genres
Roberto Tottoli

Part IV Impact

10 Law
Christopher Melchert

11 Exegesis
Herbert Berg

12 Theology
Hüseyin Hansu

13 Sufism
Aiyub Palmer

14 Shiʿism
Ahmad Pakatchi

Part V Modernity

15 Reform
Jawad Anwar Qureshi

16 Reappraisal
Daniel W. Brown

17 Gender
Adis Duderija