Solutions Driving Outcomes

Wiley is delivering content directly into customers’ workflows through dynamic value-added interactive tools that enable people to achieve their educational and professional objectives. To assist physicians with treatment decisions, Wiley publishes evidence-based medicine (EBM) content based on randomized clinical trials, and Web-based search tools. To expand our presence in this growing field of clinical practice, Wiley acquired InfoPOEMs, Inc., a leading EBM company and provider of POEMs (Patient-Oriented Evidence that Matters). POEMs, which are daily summaries of medical research that are selected from over 100 leading peer-reviewed journals and graded for validity and relevance to patient outcomes, are accessible via desktop computers and at the point of care through personal digital assistants (PDAs). They are also available in a searchable database for clinical use. Approximately 25% of U.S. physicians now receive POEMs as the result of an agreement that Wiley signed with Epocrates, a prominent medical information and technology company.

WileyPLUS provides an integrated online teaching and learning experience for higher education, with each product combining digital text with resources for instructors and students alike. Homework is graded automatically, with immediate feedback to students. WileyPLUS is making a difference: 85% of students surveyed reported that it improves their understanding, makes learning easier, and helps them achieve a better grade, and professors have noted that students stay more on task and are better prepared for class. Embraced by our North American markets, WileyPLUS is gaining traction overseas, and we are developing opportunities for it in the professional and training markets, using its underlying technology to deliver a custom-developed pain management course online for a pharmaceutical client.

Another Wiley product that harnesses technology to streamline the gathering and parsing of information is the Web-based version of the Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI), the evaluation and feedback component of our highly successful Kouzes/Posner/Leadership Challenge franchise. It is an ideal application of online functionality, completely automating manual processes associated with the print-on-paper version.

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