Publishing Without Boundaries

Ten years ago, rapidly evolving communications technology ushered in a new era filled with potential for global businesses like Wiley. More than 40% of our 1996 revenue was derived from outside the United States. Our Web site,, was a valuable new tool for doing business worldwide, and we had recently introduced our second online STM journal. Wiley textbooks were being reviewed by professors abroad to ensure their applicability in foreign markets, local-language publishing initiatives were in place internationally, and our Asian business was growing vigorously. We explored these opportunities in our 1996 Annual Report, Publishing Without Boundaries.

In fiscal year 2006, the year before our bicentennial, Wiley achieved significant strategic and financial milestones. Going forward, we are guided by the vision, judgment, and focus that have served us so well over the past decade.

Our vision, and the foundation we built to enable it, have served and continue to serve our stakeholders and customers well. Through effective strategic planning and operational excellence, we have made meaningful investments in content, technology, acquisitions, and alliances. As we expand our presence around the world, we are sharing content and capabilities across our organization to create products that serve our customers better. We have created more new business models in the past five years than in the previous 194 combined. As a result, we are providing more people more access to more Wiley content than ever before.

Looking ahead, we see great opportunities for innovation and growth at the nexus of technological, demographic, and market forces. We are capitalizing on these opportunities through new interactions with customers.

As we approach our bicentennial, we are genuinely enthusiastic about Wiley’s future.

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