All Wiley, All the Time

Wiley is developing new capabilities to assemble integrated custom electronic and print packages from our deep reservoir of content. For more than a decade, custom publishing has been a vital and growing business, with offerings ranging from customized For Dummies titles for corporations to higher education products that combine selected textbook chapters with journal articles, case studies, and customer-supplied content.

Now we’re taking it to the next level. Discover Wiley and Content Technology are current initiatives that will enable, in the not-too-distant-future, a vision we call “All Wiley, All the Time,” in which a sales representative meeting with a client at a corporation, university, or research institution can search online and offer any desired combination of our content, complete with pricing, within minutes. A recent pilot project with a group of customers from the telecommunications industry made approximately 25,000 pages available from books, journals, and encyclopedias, all searchable and selectable down to the paragraph level for composition into custom products. The customers saw strong potential in using Wiley content in this way, both to create training courses and to manage standards documentation, and we are now working with them to develop a prototype business model.

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