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To Wiley Vision

John Wiley & Sons, Inc., aspires to be a valued and respected provider of products and services that make important contributions to advances in knowledge and understanding, a role that is essential to progress in a healthy and prosperous society. While fulfilling this role, we strive to build lasting, collaborative relationships with all of our stakeholders. We are dedicated to sustaining Wiley’s performance-driven culture, which requires our unwavering commitment to the highest standard of ethical behavior and integrity in everything we do.


Wiley provides must-have content and services to professionals, scientists, educators, students, lifelong learners, and consumers worldwide. Wiley is dedicated to serving our customers’ needs, while generating attractive intellectual and financial rewards for all of our stakeholders—authors, colleagues, partners, and stockholders.


Founded in 1807, during the presidency of Thomas Jefferson, Wiley has evolved into one of the world’s most respected publishing companies. We strongly believe in the enduring value of collaborative relationships, built on a solid foundation of trust and integrity. We strive to be the very best at all that we do, which strengthens our competitive position and results in consistently strong performance.

Wiley’s strength is based on the efforts and accomplishments of a diverse group of people who are distinguished by their integrity, creativity, talent, initiative, and dedication.


Wiley has achieved superior results and continues to grow by focusing on three overarching goals:

We are realizing these goals through the following strategies:


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