John Wiley and Son's 2007 Annual Report
taking custom content to the next level

Knowledge Pushes Boundaries

Wiley has taken an important step to enable our vision of “All Wiley All the Time,” which will allow customers to access, seamlessly assemble, output, and purchase any Wiley content whenever, wherever, and however they need and want it. In collaboration with leading technology partners, we will soon provide a fast-track solution for important new content management and delivery capabilities.

Wiley’s Content Technology Initiative is creating an array of systems and services that will transform our ability to create, acquire, shape, and deliver from a single repository of all Wiley content, regardless of geographic origin or product type. Wiley’s customers will soon be able to choose from select published content delivered in print, online, or downloaded to a computer or mobile device. Initial applications will focus on more efficient distribution of eBooks to resellers and an improved system for creating customized college textbooks, both set to launch by the end of the calendar year. More applications will follow. Going forward, our Content Technology Initiative will facilitate the development of many innovative, flexible, and customer-facing products, drawing on content from across Wiley’s three core businesses around the world.

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