John Wiley and Son's 2007 Annual Report
enhancing student success by offering variety and value

Knowledge Empowers

Publishing is not a “one-size-fits-all” business. Students do not all learn in the same way. Professors have unique teaching styles. Student budgets vary dramatically. Wiley provides teaching and learning materials worldwide in a variety of formats, media, prices, and pedagogical approaches to address the diverse individual needs and preferences of students and faculty. We are interacting more directly with students and becoming more involved in the educational experience. We are bridging the gap between the classroom, library, and dorm room, enabling learning when and where it fits in busy schedules. In these ways, we are enhancing the value of our learning materials and making a positive impact on student success.

WileyPLUS provides an easy-to-use online workspace for presentations, study, homework, and assessment in which students receive immediate feedback and context-sensitive support to build confidence and understanding. Used by more than half a million students in over 16 countries, WileyPLUS is custom-tailored for different courses globally to target learning more specifically. The result? Nearly 90 percent of the 10,000 students we surveyed said that WileyPLUS improved their understanding of their course materials and helped them to achieve better grades. An instructor at Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia reported, “I have used WileyPLUS for two terms and have noted that the final average was significantly higher for students using WileyPLUS.” According to a student at the University of Delaware, ­WileyPLUS brings “the book to life and helps you see things you can’t see in just printed text…it made this course much more enjoyable, understandable.”

WileyPLUS can be purchased as a lower-priced standalone, or at a nominal cost with a textbook. In addition to WileyPLUS, Wiley Visualizing and Wiley Pathways books are available at prices below the norm for traditional textbooks. Many of our titles are available in a less expensive, unbound, three-hole punched format, called Binder Editions. We currently publish most new textbooks as eBooks, available through CourseSmart, a new venture founded by Wiley and five other publishers that offers hundreds of titles on a common online platform. We also offer our eBooks through established vendors and on, as Wiley Desktop Editions. All Wiley electronic textbooks are available at lower cost than the print versions.

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