John Wiley and Son's 2007 Annual Report
delivering must-have information when and where it is needed

Knowledge Enables Discovery

Wiley is employing customer workflow research to develop branded content for use precisely when and where there is a need to know. By observing the ways in which our customers perform their business responsibilities, engage in lifelong learning experiences, and pursue their hobbies while using our products and services, we can better understand their needs and develop more finely tuned solutions. Through this interaction, our customers become co-creators without needing to write a single word.

Greater understanding has helped the Frommer’s travel program grow from a print-on-paper guidebook business to one in which we are actively engaged with our customers throughout the travel cycle. Our travel newsletters, blogs, and online forums fuel their travel dreams, and they use our travel Web sites and guidebooks to plan their trips. During travel, customers use our print guides and podcast walking tours to enhance their experiences. Back home, they share their experiences with family and friends through our online trip journals and photo albums.

Frommer’s delivers up-to-date guidance, tips, and news to mobile travelers via podcasts, audio and video recordings available as streaming content online, or as file downloads for MP3 players. Frommer’s also powers the Borders Trip Recommender through the Travel Kiosks rolled out in Borders bookstores this spring, featuring touch-screen displays and digital tools that provide targeted travel information and help customers to plan vacations on the spot that match their interests.

To keep up with the fast pace of software releases and technological innovations, Wiley’s WroxBlox pdf downloads provide customers with article-length information on cutting-edge topics well in advance of book publications. Written by the best in their fields, WroxBlox help customers get up to speed and stay up to date with the knowledge they need, on a wide variety of topics, at an affordable price.

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