New technologies enable Wiley to:

  • Deliver content anytime and anywhere.
  • Create transformative ways for people to interact with content.
  • Address different learning styles.
  • Engage with authors, readers, and partners.

Yet the core of what we do remains unchanged. We:

  • Facilitate teaching and learning.
  • Refine content into finished works.
  • Add credibility.
  • Promote scholarly discourse.
  • Validate research.
  • Help authors connect with readers.
  • Transform information into knowledge and understanding.

What We Do

Among publishers, Wiley’s collection of content is unique. No other publisher in the world has leading positions in scientific, technical, medical, and scholarly; professional and trade; and higher education publishing. No other publisher in the world has published more than 400 Nobel laureates. No other commercial publisher in North America has been in existence for more than two centuries.

Our publications inspire and enable people to renew their knowledge constantly. Professionals, academics, students, and consumers trust us to connect them with content that promotes a deeper level of understanding across a wide range of subjects. More than two centuries of enduring experience have helped us understand what people want and need to know, and how they find and use that knowledge to discover and rediscover the world around us.

The Wiley initiatives described throughout this annual report illustrate how we are leveraging our content, our knowledge, our capabilities, and our relationships to make a difference in our customers’ lives, more than ever before.

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