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As channels for online content distribution proliferate, we are tapping new revenue streams and developing new business models to deliver our content to customers how they want it, when they want it, and where they want it, whether in print or digital format. We are also engaging with customers, authors, and partners in new ways through social media platforms. The Wiley YouTube channel draws more than 20,000 visitors monthly with videos from across our global businesses. Our Frommer’s, For Dummies, and CliffsNotes Facebook fan pages generate new interaction with customers, and journalists, authors, and customers follow our Twitter category handles for breaking news and updates on events and promotions.
Peter Booth Wiley
Wiley is on an evolutionary path in a fast-changing environment. For more than two centuries we have been a print publisher with intermediaries, such as bookstores and wholesalers, as our primary sales channels. Technology has radically changed the way we distribute content and the ways in which our customers use that content.
Stephen M. Smith
Over the coming years, our strategies must enable us to deliver content and services to our customers however they want to acquire them. We will provide more access to more content to more people, with flexible business models that closely reflect the value of our products and services to our customers.

In recent years we have benefited from new revenue streams (SEE VIDEO), such as journal backfile and individual article sales. Now we are developing new products and services that tap into funding sources outside institutional library budgets, such as R&D budgets and corporate spending. We are also growing our online advertising revenues on Wiley Online Library and other Wiley Web sites, and we have launched Brain and Behavior and Ecology and Evolution as the first two titles in the new Wiley Open Access journal publishing program, offering peer-reviewed research articles in a range of broad-based subject disciplines in the life and biomedical sciences.

Leveraging Wiley’s portfolio of well-known brands continues to be an important strategy. Our iconic For Dummies brand turned 20 this year with more than 1,600 titles, more than 250 million books in print, and formidable brand equity. We have released more than 40 Dummies mobile apps, with titles such as Basic Spanish For Dummies and Digital SLR Photography Toolkit For Dummies reaching top selling positions within their categories. We have launched the brand into a promising new arena with Tech Support For Dummies, a subscription service for consumers and small businesses around the globe that offers them live tech help around-the-clock via phone and chat, with remote desktop assistance, for their hardware, software, wireless networks, electronics, and more. It is the fastest-growing such service in the market, with 30% month-on-month growth. We will also launch a series of For Dummies eLearning courses in the fall in partnership with Element K, a learning solutions and online training company in the field of Information Technology. Our Frommer’s Unlimited B2B venture extends our travel expertise to new audiences, providing leading travel and lifestyle partners with destination content that creates additional value in their online offerings.

Licensing of Higher Education digital content to for-profit institutions continues to grow through the efforts of the Wiley Business Solutions Group. Along with technology, demographic and economic shifts are impacting our markets in ways that bring opportunity. For-profit career colleges are growing with the increasing demand for workforce training and professional development. These schools are interested in purchasing Wiley content directly from us, in contrast to the traditional model in which professors choose texts to be purchased by students.

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