Global Education: Helping teachers teach and students learn throughout the world


Educational materials in all media for two- and four-year colleges and universities and for-profit career colleges, as well as for secondary schools in Australia and advanced placement classes in U.S. high schools.


Undergraduate, graduate, and advanced placement students; educators; and lifelong learners worldwide, and secondary school students in Australia.


Multiple channels including college bookstores, online booksellers, and direct sales to customers.


Wiley, Wiley Custom Select, Wiley Desktop Editions, Wiley Faculty Network, WileyFLEX, Wiley/Jossey-Bass, Wiley/MOAC, Wiley Pathways, WileyPLUS, Wiley Visualizing, Business Extra Select, Jacaranda, JacarandaPLUS, StudyOn.

Publishing Centers

Australia, Canada, Germany, India, U.K., U.S.


  • Offer customers better solutions by enhancing and enriching content with tools and services delivered on multiple devices.
  • Build customer-centric organization by expanding knowledge of and relationships with customers.
  • Create new revenue streams and business models through digital delivery and outcomes-based learning.
  • Coordinate global publishing activities to support evolving/expanding business models and development of new capabilities, and to achieve greater efficiencies.
  • Prioritize expansion into Asia, the Middle East, and Brazil.
  • Increase market share and profitability through acquisitions, and accelerate revenue and margin growth through cross-business collaboration.

Fiscal Year 2011 Highlights

  • Global Education revenue increased 7% on a currency neutral basis, reflecting growth in all regions. Results were driven by increased student enrollment, 26% revenue growth in non-traditional and digital products, and a strong front list in engineering/computer science and science.
  • WileyPLUS digital-only sales grew 18% for the fiscal year, to 40% of total WileyPLUS billings.
  • The number of courses in Asia adopting WileyPLUS grew 35%, primarily in accounting and sciences; Taiwan, Indonesia, and Malaysia were the top three adopters.
  • Introduced a Fundamentals of Physics WileyPLUS Learning Kit consisting of a WileyPLUS Version 5 access code bundled with a 200-page print Companion— a compelling format for today’s student. WileyPLUS for Fundamentals of Physics, 9th edition, became the first publisher-developed course to be certified by The Quality Matters Program, a nationally recognized organization with rigorous standards for evaluating and measuring the quality and effectiveness of online design and course content.
  • Released a new version of Wiley Custom Select that allows instructors to choose material and adjust the sequence at the chapter and sub-chapter level, format editable text, rewrite sections, add and delete images, insert math notations and chemical structures, and then preview the results before submitting them for publication and sale to students.
  • Finalized an agreement with the Community College Workforce Alliance of Richmond, Virginia, to provide a package of custom Microsoft Office Academic Course print texts, Wiley Faculty Network instructor training, Microsoft IT Academy participation, and a relationship with Certiport allowing the Alliance to administer Microsoft certification tests.

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