Anatomy Drill and Practice

Organs of the digestive system (Part 1)

Organs of the digestive system (Part 2)

Three-dimensional depiction of the various layers of the gastrointestinal tract

Relationship of the peritoneal folds to each other and to organs of the digestive system, Sagittal section showing the peritoneal folds

Structures of the mouth (oral cavity), Anterior view

Major salivary glands, Location of salivary glands

A typical tooth and surrounding structures, Sagittal section of a mandibular (lower) molar

Dentitions and times of eruptions, Permanent (secondary) dentition

External and internal view of the stomach, Anterior view of regions of the stomach

Histology of the stomach, Layers of the stomach

Relation of the pancreas to the liver, gallbladder, and duodenum, Anterior view

Histology of a lobule, the functional unit of the liver, Portion of a liver lobule

Anatomy of the small intestine

Anatomy of large intestine, Anterior view of large intestine showing principal subdivisions

Anatomy of large intestine, Frontal section of anal canal

Histology of the large intestine

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