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MySQL/PHP Database Applications, 2nd Edition
by Brad Bulger, Jay Greenspan, David Wall

The 2nd edition of MySQL/PHP Database Applications will be on your grocer's shelves any day now. In the meantime, here are some places to go for more information.

Coming soon to this website... something useful. Honest.


  • www.php.net
    The main PHP site. Go here to check on announcements about PHP 5.
  • www.zend.com
    The company that sponsors most of the development of PHP.
  • pear.php.net
    The main PEAR site. See if they've fixed that bug in DB yet. ^_^
  • www.mysql.com
    The main MySQL site.
  • IndexDot
    One of the most useful reference sites I've ever come across. All mysteries of CSS, stylesheets, and (X)HTML revealed.
  • www.phpvolcano.com
    A good overview of the new features in PHP 5.
  • Fishlib
    A set of LGPL'd PHP classes for PHP 4.3 that sprang from the original PHP code written for the first edition of the book.
  • www.phpbuilder.com
    Articles and news about PHP. Warning: jiggling Flash ads may cause eye damage.


ISBN 0-7645-4963-4
816 Pages
October 2003

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