ActiveXTM Web Programming: ISAPI, Controls, and Scripting

Adam Blum

Everything you need to know to develop the most dynamic, interactive Web applications ever, using all the new technologies introduced by ActiveX

Now ActiveX Web Programming shows Web developers how to use and take full advantage of the ActiveX suite of programming tools and technologies. Noted Internet developer Adam Blum tells you everything you need to know about ISAPI, ISAPI filters, ActiveX controls, VBScript, and server-side scripting. You get:

  • Tons of useful sample code, reusable class libraries, and utility programs
  • C++ classes to assist in building your Web applications
  • In-depth coverage of ISAPI and ISAPI filters to extend the functionality of your Web server
  • Sample programs that illustrate how to use each ActiveX technology
  • Demonstrations of how to integrate Java with ActiveX/COM using the Visual J++ environment
  • VBScripts to create rich client-side functionality for your Web site
  • Denali tutorial and sample scripts for easy-to-build server-side functionality

Be sure to visit the ActiveX Web Programming companion Web site, where you'll find:

  • Source code for all the programs described in the book
  • Working examples of applications built with ActiveX technologies

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ADAM BLUM is a consultant specializing in Web development. His other books include Building Business Web Sites: Advanced HTML and Tools for Elec-tronic Commerce and Neural Networks in C++ (Wiley).

Table of Contents

  • Internet Information Server for Programmers.
  • Gateways and the Common Gateway Interface.
  • Gateway Programming in Perl.
  • The ActiveX Server Framework: The ISAPI Specification.
  • Internet Server Applications in Visual C++.
  • ISAPI Filters.
  • Using ActiveX Controls.
  • Writing ActiveX Controls.
  • VBScript.
  • ActiveX Server.
  • Java, Visual J++, and ActiveX.
  • Appendices.
  • Index.

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ISBN 0471161772
402 pages
December, 1996
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Learn more about ActiveX web programming at this site. Also includes updated copies of source code for all applications presented in the book, C++ Class Libraries, Internet Server Applications (ISAPI Gateways), ISAPI Filters, Java Applets and more!