Java-SIG's 100 Best Applets

The Java-SIG Team

Java programming masters reveal best-in-class applet designs

From Java-SIG, the international association of Java users and developers, here are the world's best Java applets in the categories of:

  • Multimedia and Special Effects
  • Business and Science
  • Education
  • Entertainment and Games
  • General Utilities and Programming.

To find these award winners, Java-SIG members scoured the Web, hunting through thousands of Web sites, searching for the applets that ranked highest in the six criteria of originality, usefulness, performance, extensibility, appearance, and reliability. And now they're yours to enjoy, learn from, and adapt to your own Web site!

JAVA-SIG is an international organization of Java users and developers. It is a special interest group of the Sun User Group, based in Boston, Massachusetts.

The Book: This book is guaranteed to fire your imagination, supply fresh ideas about Web site design, and expand your repertoire of Java applet programming techniques. Throughout, Java-SIG members offer their expert analyses, design and coding tips, and suggestions on how to make your Web sites more fun, efficient, and reliable. Each award-winning applet is covered in its own capsule, featuring a detailed description, a shot of the applet in action, an explanation of why it won —including coding tips and techniques where applicable —and where to go for updates.

The CD-ROM: This CD library gives you access to applet source code and/or executables. You get to see what makes these award winners tick, take them apart, experiment with them, and customize them for use in your own Web pages.

Table of Contents

  • Multimedia/Special Effects.
  • Business/Science.
  • Educational.
  • Entertainment/Games.
  • General Utility/Programming.

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240 pages
July, 1997
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