Oracle8TM Data Warehousing

Gary Dodge, Tim Gorman

The latest technical methods for building and managing a high-performance Oracle(r) data warehouse.

Oracle8TM Data Warehousing is the ideal A-to-Z guide to building and managing a high-performance data warehouse for veteran Oracle users and newcomers alike. Database developers will be briefed on the latest technical methods for designing and building an Oracle7TM or Oracle8 data warehouse, while administrators find out how to manage an Oracle data warehouse for maximum efficiency. This valuable guide is the only book that fully covers the data warehouse features of both Oracle7 and Oracle8.

Packed with practical and proven techniques from Oracle8 insiders, the book begins with a concise yet thorough overview of data warehousing principles and practices. It then cuts to the chase with detailed, step-by-step advice and guidance on how to:

  • Use and get the most from all of Oracle8 databases' new data warehousing features
  • Select the right hardware architecture to support a data warehouse
  • Design and build a data warehouse for optimum performance
  • Load data into a data warehouse
  • Aggregate data for improved processing performance
  • Distribute and analyze data using advanced OLAP techniques
  • Administer and maintain your data warehouse
  • Monitor and fine-tune data warehouse performance.

GARY DODGE and TIM GORMAN are technical managers within Oracle Consulting Services who design and build large Oracle data warehouses. They are also experienced trainers, teaching classes for Oracle Education.

Table of Contents

  • Warehousing.
  • Hardware Architectures for Oracle Data Warehousing.
  • Oracle Software Architecture and Features.
  • Designing the Oracle Data Warehouse.
  • Building the Oracle Data Warehouse.
  • Populating the Oracle Data Warehouse.
  • Post-Load Processing in the Data Warehouse.
  • Administering and Monitoring the Oracle Data Warehouse.
  • Data Warehouse Performance Tuning.
  • Parallel Operations in the Oracle Data Warehouse.
  • Warehousing with Oracle Parallel Server.
  • Distributing the Oracle Data Warehouse.
  • OLAP Processing in the Oracle Data Warehouse.
  • Index.

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ISBN 0471199524
672 pages
March, 1998

Database and Data Warehouses