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The Accidental Project Manager

by Patricia Ensworth

About the Author

Patricia Ensworth is President of Harborlight Management Services, a consultancy specializing in project management and quality assurance (www.harborlightmanagement.com). She teaches seminars for the American Management Association and speaks frequently at industry meetings and conferences.

Prior to founding Harborlight in January 2003, she was a Vice President of Systems Development and manager of software quality assurance at Moody's Investors Service. Over the course of her 20-year career in information technology, she has worked as a project manager, systems analyst, system administrator, product manager, developer, tester, technical writer, and trainer. She has participated in software development projects for products ranging from mainframe applications to Internet e-commerce systems. Her first job was with a startup company in the emerging cable television industry. Since then, she has also been employed on a long-term basis at Westinghouse and Merrill Lynch.

Ensworth earned an MA in anthropology from Columbia University and a BA in English with Phi Beta Kappa honors from Northwestern University. As IT has become increasingly diverse and international, her expertise in anthropology has provided valuable insights into the management of multicultural teams and global projects. Her articles about software engineering and other subjects have appeared in Salon, StickyMinds, Natural History, Arts and many other publications.

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ISBN 0-471-41011-X
288 Pages
July 2001

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