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Cover Making Use of JSP

Madhushree Ganguli

ISBN: 0-471-21974-6
448 Pages
June 2002

It is indeed the era of fast communication and information exchange and to retain a commanding position in this changing world, organizations need to prepare themselves for the rapid development of platform independent, Web-based applications. As a result, organizations need to identify the tools required to emerge as a formidable force in the competitive world of Web-based applications. Java Server Pages, or JSP, a Sun Microsystems product, is one tool that is fast catching up as a preferred technology for creating Web-based applications.

JSP is based on the Java technology and is an extension of the Java Servlet technology. As a result, platform independence and extensibility of servlets are easily incorporated in JSP. In addition, using the Java server-side modules, JSP can fit effortlessly into the framework of a Web server with minimal overhead, maintenance, and support. The use of XML-like tags and Java-like syntax in JSP facilitate building Web-based applications with speed and ease as never before.

This book will help you understand the JSP technology that can be used to create applications to generate dynamic content. Java Server Pages allows Web developers and designers to develop easily maintainable, information-rich, dynamic Web pages. Java Server Pages separates the user interface from content generation.

This book differs from the traditional content-based approach and uses the problem-based approach to deliver the concepts of JSP. Problems used in the book are presented against the backdrop of real-life scenarios. The problem is followed by a task list that helps to solve the given problem, in the process explaining the concepts and their implementation. This practical approach will help readers understand the real-life application of the language and its use in various scenarios.