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Building Open Source Network Security Tools:
Components and Techniques

Mike Schiffman

Building Open Source Network Security Tools is the first book to offer time saving guidance in building robust network security tools in the hands of the C programmer. This book defines a new paradigm for defining a network security tool and uses this paradigm to model existing as well as new tools. It contains clear, easy to parse programming examples and provides essential information on components and techniques used to build network security tools. The book builds on principles established in early chapters to craft intricate programs.

Complete code tarball

Component sample code

Technique sample code
  • Chapter eight, Passive Reconnaissance Techniques Scoop
  • Chapter nine, Active Reconnaissance Techniques Knock
  • Chapter ten, Attack and Penetration Techniques Sift (updated 11/22/02)
  • Chapter eleven, Defensive Techniques Descry
Tying it all together


ISBN 0-471-20544-3
448 Pages
October, 2002

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