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Web Metrics: Proven Methods for Measuring Web Site Success

Jim Sterne

Reading the book? Great. Want to follow along online? You're in the right place.

Here are the links (by chapter) so you can easily find the sites mentioned on paper. Be forewarned, paper is static, but the Web is not. Some of these pages are not going to be the same. Heck, some of these sites may no longer exist! But at least you have a starting point...

Chapter One: The Web Is Great: Get Over It, Get on With It

Chapter Two: Measuring Measurement

Chapter Three: Raising the Flag, Convincing the Boss

Chapter Four: Web Measurement Standards

Chapter Five: Sawing Logs

Chapter 6: How Good Are You at Making Noise?

Chapter 7: How Good Are You at Buying Noise?

Chapter 8: Measuring Web Site Performance: - The Need for Speed

Chapter 9 :Calculating The Caliber of Content

Chapter 10: Well-Marked Trails: Measuring Web Site Navigation

Chapter 11: Calculating Conversion

Chapter 12: Maximizing Customer Information: The Personalization Continuum

Chapter 13: Measuring The Value of Online Customer Service

Chapter 14: Field Studies

Chapter 15: Making It Work by Bringing It All Together


ISBN 0-471-22072-8
448 Pages
June 2002

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