Virtual Reconstruction

Software Hints

Name Description Platforms Price
AVS Very powerful visualization software framework. Users can develop applications at visualization level, without needing to understand or interact with graphic libraries.

It is also possible to write extensions in C or C++; many extensions are freely available on the internet.

Linux, Unixes, Windows ?
Mimics This software was originally designed for rapid prototyping data processing. Over the past decade, it has developed into a fully-grown biomedical image data processing, visualization and manipulation software package. For example, you can reconstruct 3D objects from serial cross-sectional data, perform complex object manipulation and editing tasks, and export the results in various standard graphics formats. Windows ?
OpenDX Open source software project, based on IBM's Visualization Data Explorer. It's a a powerful software package used to analyze and create visual representations of any kind of data.

Power-users can write their own extensions; lots of extensions already exists and can be downloaded.

Linux, Unixes, Mac,Windows Open Source
VTK The Visualization ToolKit (VTK) is an open sourcesoftware system for 3D computer graphics, image processing, and visualization. VTK consists of a C++ class library, and several interpreted interface layers including Tcl/Tk, Java, and Python. Linux, Unixes, Windows, Mac OS X Open Source
VGStudioMAX VGStudio MAX is a high end voxel data visualization and analysis system. Linux, Windows (IA32 & IA64) $10000

free trial version

3DVIEWNIX A software system for the visualization and analysis of multidimensional images. Unique (but smart) user interface. Unixes, Linux $1000

free trial version

Amira 3D data analysation & processing tool. Linux, Unixes, Windows $20000

free trial version

Maya Powerful 3D animation and visual effects software. Linux, IRIX, Mac OS X, Windows $7000

0. Introduction
1. Virtual Reconstruction
2. Data Representation
Data Format Applet
Color Applet
3. Data Acquisition
4. Image Data Processing
Filter Applet
5. Visualization and Interaction
Transformation Applet
Software Hints
6. Virtual Fossil Reconstruction
Software Hints
7. From VR to RV
8. Morphometric analysis
Figure 8.23 (color)

Available from John Wiley & Sons

Virtual Reconstruction:
A Primer in Computer-Assisted Paleontology and Biomedicine

Virtual Reconstruction: A Primer in Computer-Assisted Paleontology and Biomedicine

Christoph P. Zollikofer,
Marcia Ponce de Leon

ISBN: 0-471-20507-9
333 pages
June 2005

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