Welcome to the website for Borgaonkar's Chromosomal Variation in Man Online Database!

T his database provides an unparalleled means of reviewing the world literature on all common and rare chromosomal alterations and abnormalities. Organized for easy access, coverage is divided into three main subject areas: variations and anomalies, numerical anomalies, and chromosomal breakage syndromes. The database documents information on the availability of mutant cell lines and presents chromosome alterations with a list that cross-references band numbers.

This is an indispensable resource for human and medical geneticists, cytogeneticists, cytogenetic laboratory technicians, and others interested in human chromosome abnormalities.

Special Note to Authors: Dr. Borgaonkar welcomes any author of the papers included in this database to contribute additional information on cases published such as further offspring in families with translocations, inversions, and longevity of aneuploid individuals. This type of information may be useful in counseling other families and individuals with similar anomalies. Should you wish to contribute to the database, please contact Dr. Borgaonkar at dsborgaonkar@hotmail.com.

From the reviews of previous editions of Chromosomal Variation in Man:

"This tried and trusted friend remains an invaluable compilation of published work in the field of human chromosome abnormalities, providing all who work in this area an unequaled source of information."
-The Genetical Society of Great Britain

"...an unrivaled reference source."
-Journal of Medical Genetics

"...invaluable to anyone working in clinical cytogenetics whether in a research environment or busy diagnostic laboratory."
-British Medical Journal

"...the definitive and authoritative reference book of chromosome variation in man...[a] superb collection...no cytogeneticist can be without a Borgaonkar ."
-Genetical Research

"... an extensive, rich, catalog of human chromosome variants and anomalies."
-Canadian Genetics Society Bulletin

"All who work with chromosomes will be very much in Dr. Borgaonkar's debt."
-Biology and Society

If anyone has comments or suggestions regarding the database site, please contact us at borgaonk@wiley.com.

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