CD-ROM Electronic Distribution For Cytometry.

J. Paul Robinson, Steve Kelley, and Guenter Valet1 Purdue University Flow Cytometry Laboratory, School of Veterinary Medicine, West Lafayette, Indiana 47906, 1Max-Plank-Institute für Biochemie, Martinsried, D-82152, Germany

We present a CD ROM to the cytometry community containing an assortment of cytometry material. In recent times, the vast expansion of the electronic media has made it difficult to keep track of what is available in any one field. The cytometry community is perhaps one of the most advanced scientific communities in the biomedical field in terms of computer literacy. This CD-ROM is designed to bring to all cytometry users a sample of the world wide web, a large archive of listmode and histogram files, public domain software, shareware, and some examples of commercial software useful in our scientific pursuits.

The CD-ROM operates on any computer with a CD drive. Files can be downloaded from the CD for special tasks like histogram computation or off-line internet operation (see abstract by Valet, et al) with common network browsers. This is advantageous for those without internet access but also for those who have long waiting times on the internet. A sample of several web sites is included so that those without access to the internet can still have access to some of the cytometry resources available. A suitable distribution mechanism will be developed for the CD-ROM.