Vol 1 Cover


edited by Richard B. Firestone,
Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory,
and Virginia S. Shirley,
Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory

Published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
ISBN 0471-14918-7
2 volume print set / 3,168 pages / cloth
Packaged with Interactive CD-ROM
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Vol 2 Cover Product Description: This two-volume print set comes packaged with an interactive CD-ROM that contains nuclear structure and decay data for over 3,100 isotopes and isomers. You will find this package includes:

The CD-ROM contains the Eighth Edition of Table of Isotopes, specially designed for use on PC and Macintosh personal computers along with UNIX workstations. The CD-ROM features:

The Adobe Acrobat Reader is provided on the CD-ROM for navigating the CD-ROM, prints to nearly all printers, and even allows clipping of information into other documents.

Table of Isotopes, Eighth Edition is the standard, respected reference that adds quality assurance to any research project. The CD-ROM makes searching quick, easy and portable.


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In order to see electronic sample material from the CD-ROM, you must get the Adobe Acrobat Reader. The software is freely available to all, and can be obtained by visiting Adobe Systems, Inc. to download your free copy (available in versions for Macintoshes, Windows, and many flavors of Unix). Once you have the software, you will need to configure your Web browser to use Acrobat Reader -- which is available as a free download from Adobe Systems, Inc.

Download the Demo, a 500KB Acrobat pdf file. Please note that all material is copyright, ©1996, John Wiley & Sons, Inc. All rights reserved. This sample "section" of the full product contains 76 pages of material; most of these pages contain the cross-links that the full version contains. The full electronic product contains over 14,000 "pages" of material. We've also added some Acrobat Notes to various pages in the demo; don't forget to click on the Note icons!

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