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Handbook of Statistical Genetics

D. J. Balding, University of Reading, UK
M. Bishop, UK HGMP Resource Centre, Cambridge, UK
C. Cannings, University of Sheffield, UK 

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A unique contribution to the evolution 
of genetical research...

890 pages
January 2001
0471 86094 8

(Pre-publication offer valid
until March 31, 2001)


A truly groundbreaking volume, the Handbook of Statistical Genetics is a timely, informative and highly accessible reference for both statisticians interested in genetical applications and geneticists seeking a deeper understanding of statistical methods in their field. It is divided into six main sections, encompassing the entire field of statistics in genetics:

  • Bioinformatics
  • Population Genetics
  • Evolutionary Genetics
  • Genetic Epidemiology
  • Plant and Animal Genetics
  • Applications
As the Human Genome Project (HGP) reaches its climax, with the complete sequence of mankind, science is fast approaching an exciting new stage in its ability to understand genetic forces in man.

In parallel to the HGP are major sequencing efforts in other organisms, enabling us to understand broader questions in evolution and classification. This explosion of data has led to an increased need for sophisticated statistical, mathematical and computational tools to enable complex data collection, analysis and interpretation of the results.

  • Comprehensive coverage of the most pressing statistical issues in genetics.
  • Offers a lucid introduction to newcomers, as well as providing invaluable information for more experienced researchers.
  • Each chapter is written by a leading international authority from the field.
  • Complemented by numerous examples, case studies, and references to useful resources on the web.
This authoritative reference will be ideal for both students and researchers working in genetics, including statisticians, geneticists, molecular biologists, biochemists and computer scientists.

Main Page for this Work
Table of Contents
Sample Chapter

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