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Biostatistics in Clincal Trials

Carol K. Redmond, University of Pittsburgh, USA
Theodore Colton, Boston University, USA

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A landmark reference for the medical and health sciences...

Encyclopedia of Biostatistics

A unique reference presenting comprehensive coverage of the principles and practice of biostatistics in clinical trials...

650 pages
0471 82211 6

Published: March 2001


With exceptional contributions from an international array of leading experts in academia, government and industry, Biostatistics in Clinical Trials has been designed to complement existing texts by providing extensive, up-to-date coverage and introducing the reader to the research literature.

Featuring articles from the prestigious Encyclopedia of Biostatistics, many of which have been fully revised and updated to reflect recent developments in the field, Biostatistics in Clinical Trials also includes up to 25% newly commissioned material reflecting the latest thinking in:

  • Bayesian methods
  • Benefit/risk assessment
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Ethics and Fraud
  • Software
  • Cluster Randomization,
  • Guidelines (i.e. the International Committee on Harmonization),
  • Multiple Endpoints,
  • Sequential Analysis
Offering a wealth of information, Biostatistics in Clinical Trials...

Features an extensive and comprehensive range of topics that relate to the design, conduct, and analysis of clinical trials. In addition, articles have been included that discuss biostatistical aspects of clinical trials such as societies, textbooks, publication guides, historical perspectives, particular trials and collaborative trial groups.

  • Includes concise definitions and introductions to numerous concepts found in current literature
  • Discusses the software and textbooks available
  • Uses extensive cross-references helping to facilitate further research and enabling the reader to locate definitions and related concepts
  • Provides bibliographic citations to serve as signposts to assist researchers in further investigations of the topic
An essential single volume reference for practitioners and researchers...

Academics and practitioners from various disciplines and settings, such as universities, the pharmaceutical industry and clinical research organizations, will find this a comprehensive compendium of information on all aspects of clinical trials.

Main Page for this Work
Table of Contents
About the Editors
Sample Articles

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