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Food Sciences and Technology

Encyclopedia of Food Science and Technology
Second Edition

4-Volume Set

Edited by: Frederick J. Francis

ISBN: 0-471-19258-6 • Hardcover • Pages: 3,000 • Publication: September 1999

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Bailey's Industrial Fat and Oil Products
Fifth Edition

5-Volume Set

Edited by: Y.H. Hui

ISBN: 0-471-59430-X • Hardcover • Pages: 3,010 • Publication: December 1995

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Electronic Guide to Food Regulations

Edited by: Tracy Altman

ISBN: 0-471-32584-8 • CD-ROM • Publication: November 1999

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Analysis and Control Methods for Food and Agricultural Products

4-Volume Set

Edited by: J. L. Multon

ISBN: 0-471-19260-0 • Hardcover • Pages: 1,934 • Publication: July 1997

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