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Wiley Encyclopedia of Food Science and Technology
Second Edition
(4-Volume Set)

Editor: Frederick J. Francis

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    From the First Edition | Description | About the Editor | Preface

  • ISBN: 0-471-19285-6
    Pages: 3000
    Articles: 400
    Published: October 1999

    From the First Edition:
    "This four volume work fills a definite need in the food science and technology literature...I have no little doubt that this Encyclopedia will become one of the classic works in (this) ever-growing subject...The team of authors are to be congratulated on a significant piece of work."

    —Food and Chemistry


    Since the publication of the first edition of the acclaimed Encyclopedia of Food Science and Technology, developments in biotechnology and genetic engineering have revolutionized the field of food science. In response to these new developments, a completely revised edition, containing over 100 new entries, will be publishing in September, 1999. All areas of the first edition have been substantially revised, updated and expanded with an emphasis on emerging areas in food and nutrition delivery systems, including nutrition monitoring, chemical and microbiological food safety, risk management in food safety, functional foods and neuraceuticals in food formulation, food substitutes, and advances in food biotechnology.

    The Second Edition Features...

    The Wiley Encyclopedia of Food Science and Technology, Second Edition is the single reference source containing the most cutting-edge technology and industry information on Food Science/Nutrition, Consumer Affairs, Chemistry, Microbiology, Processing and Regulatory Affairs. Each article has been written and edited by an expert in the field to ensure clarity, comprehensiveness and accuracy. Extensive references to the current literature as well as cross-references within the Encyclopedia will lead the reader to additional sources of information.

    The Wiley Encyclopedia of Food Science and Technology, Second Edition, with its' accessible format and timely topic coverage will appeal to both undergraduate students as well as highly specialized researchers. Like the first edition, the second edition will become the standard reference for food scientists, bioengineers, biotechnologists in food and agricultural companies, alcohol and beverage manufacturers, agricultural and food science schools, drug and cosmetic companies and regulatory/consumer health agencies.

    About the Editor

    DR. FREDERICK. J. FRANCIS is a professor emeritus of the Department of Food Science, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA. He is a native of Ottawa, Canada, with a B.A. in Physiology and Biochemistry from the University of Toronto (1946), a M.A. in Food Chemistry from the University of Toronto (1948), and a Ph.D. in Food Science and Technology from the University of Massachusetts in 1954. He has held faculty positions at the University of Toronto, University of Guelph and the University of Massachusetts.

    His research interests have been on post-harvest physiology, plant pigments, food colorimetry, thermal processing, food additives, food quality, food supply, food safety, the nutrition delivery system, risk/benefit and risk management.

    Dr. Francis has authored or coauthored 8 books and 355 technical articles. He is a Past-President of both the Institute of Food Technologists and Phi Tau Sigma, the Honor Society for Food Science. He is a Fellow of two professional societies (IFT and AAAS) and a member of 12 other societies. His primary committee activities have been with the IFT, Amer. Soc. For Hort. Science, and the American Chemical Society. He has served on the Board of Directors of the American Council of Science and HEalth, CAST, Food Update sponsored by the Food, Drug and Law Institute, AVI Publ. Co., and several other publishing firms. He has served on a number of government committees, including the National Academy of Sciences (Food Protection Committee), National research Council (Military Supplies, Chrm., Plant Products Committee), National Cancer Institute (Anti-tumorigenic chemicals in Foods; Cigarettes with a lower risk of cancer.)

    He has had extensive international experience having spent one year in England, 3 months in India, 3 summers in Brazil, 6 weeks in China, 3 weeks in Trinidad and shorter periods in Switzerland, Denmark, etc.

    Dr. Francis has committed his post-retirement years to working with professional societies and writing. The societies include the agriculturally oriented Council for Agricultural Science and Technology, the public health oriented American Council on Science and Health and the food oriented Institute of Food Technologists. HTere is some overlap but their ultimate goals of dissemination of reliable scientific information are similar. He is currently a science communicator for IFT. He is also Editor-in-Chief of the Wiley Encyclopedia of Food Science and Technology.

    From the First Edition | Description | About the Editor | Preface

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