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The Compendium of Quality of Life Instruments
(5-Volume Set plus CD-ROM)

Compiled by: Sam Salek

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    Description | From the Reviews

  • ISBN: 0-471-98145-1
    Published: February 1999


    The first ever comprehensive source of original questionnaires and related information for researchers and practitioners in the field of health-related quality of life ...

    • Reliable one-stop information plus CD-ROM
    • An all-in-one up-to-date sourcebook that is easy and quick to use
    • Tried and tested existing Quality of Life Instruments from around the world

    Presenting the best of current practice in two convenient formats, the Compendium of Quality of Life Instruments places an important resource in your department or library ...

    The Compendium contains over 150 questionnaires and translations covering a wide range of disorders. It is divided into four parts to ensure easy access to the required instruments:

    1. General section containing non-disease specific quality of life questionnaires
    2. Disease or disorder specific questionnaires, from Anxiety and Depression through HIV/AIDS to Respiratory Diseases
    3. Specific group section devoted to Caregivers, Children, Elderly, Women
    4. Economic specific quality of life indices

    Because every Quality of Life study is unique, instruments were chosen to reflect varying user requirements. In this way the user is able to target differing populations and patients suffering from differing conditions.

    The Compendium is international in flavour and features as many languages as possible. The languages featured range from Arabic and Bulgarian, through Flemish and Hindi to Tamil and Urdu.

    Two convenient and easy to use formats...

    The Compendium of Quality of Life Instruments comes as a package of two formats, ring-bound in a multi-volume set and a PC compatible CD-ROM. The CD-ROM gives you the flexibility to...

    • Search via contents or subject to identify the instrument you want quickly and easily.
    • Obtain high quality copies.
    • Or select from the collection of over 150 instruments.

      From the Reviews

      "This compendium will be useful to researchers looking for instruments to fulfill their specific aims of enquiry using generic and specific health status instruments."
      —Professor Donald L. Patrick
      University of Washington, Seattle, USA

      "The publication - and updating - of a Compendium of instruments used for these purposes is therefore a most welcome event and its editor should be congratulated on undertaking this task. Their product will be a great help to very many - in health care, in behavioral science, in research and in Teaching."
      —Professor Norman Sartorius
      President, World Psychiatric Association, Geneva, Switzerland

      "There is a growing recognition of the importance of quality of life as a measure of the outcome of health care interventions and their use in clinical trials and other health research is becoming increasingly commonplace. At the same time, the number of measures of health related quality of life is expanding making it difficult for researchers to be sure they are using the most appropriate measures, and for consumers of research output to interpret the results. A compendium is thus much welcomed at this time."
      —D. Cohen
      Professor of HE, University of Glamorgan, Pontypridd, UK

      "In the rapidly developing quality of life research field, a comprehensive documentation of assessment instruments is needed. The Compendium of Quality of LIfe Instruments fulfills this need...This book provides what the researcher looks for, a concise, structured and state-of-the-art collection of relevant research tools. This book is an eminent resource not only for the researcher, but also for the clinician professional who might want to assess baseline and effects of health-oriented interventions in a broader statistical context."
      —Professor Monika Bullinger
      President of International Society of Quality of Life Research, University of Hamburg, Germany

      "A comprehensive synopsis of our current supply of health status/quality-of-life questionnaires with cross-cultural adaptions. A truly courageous undertaking, performed with professional insight and a strong sense of the needs of the academic community."
      —Professor Marianne Sullivan
      Sahlgrenska University, Göteborg, Sweden

      "A compendium such as this is of immense value to busy researchers and health professionals who wish to find out about available quality of life instruments. This compendium is particularly thorough and comprehensive, a characteristic reflecting the care taken by the authors when contacting the individual authors of instruments."
      —Michael E. Hyland
      Department of Psychology, University of Plymouth, UK

      Description | From the Reviews

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