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Sax's Dangerous Properties of Industrial Materials
Tenth Edition
(3-Volume Set)

Editor-in-Chief: Richard J. Lewis, Sr.

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  • ISBN: 0-471-35407-4
    Pages: 3735
    Published: October 1999


    For over 40 years, Sax's Dangerous Properties of Industrial Materials (DPIM) has successfully fulfilled its mission to promote safety by providing the most up-to-date hazard information available. Now in a completely updated tenth edition, DPIM continues to lead the way as today's most comprehensive chemical reference available.

    Emphasizing new carcinogenic and reproductive substances effects data, Sax's DPIM remains a vast, reliable source of critical information on health and safety data, regulatory standards, toxicity, carcinogenicity, and physical properties of the chemicals encountered in today's industries. The Tenth Edition contains new data on chemicals not previously thought to be hazardous, extensive material on fire and explosive hazards, and comprehensive toxicology information that includes data on skin and eye irritation.

    • Over 23,500 entries, including 2,700 completely new chemicals, drugs, and biological substances
    • More than 15,000 revised or updated entries
    • New carcinogenic and reproductive effects data, including the NTP 8th Annual Report on Carcinogens
    • New advanced safety profiles for handling spills, accidental exposures, and fires
    • Updated: toxicity data; OSHA and ACGIH exposure limits; and information on chemicals containing pesticides or lead
    • Revised NIOSH REL workplace air limits
    • Hazard Rating number assigned to each substance
    • CAS Registry Numbers for more than 21,334 entries
    • 108,000 domestic and international synonyms
    • 3 Instant Locator Indexes: CAS Number Cross Index; Synonyms Cross-Index; U.S. Department of Transportation Cross-Index
    • OSHA and NIOSH occupational analytical methods, referenced by name or number, for over 700 chemical entries
    • ACGIH TLVs and BEIs reflect the latest recommendations as well as intended changes
    • German MAK and BAT reflect the latest recommendations Department of Transportation classifications reflect HM-181 legislation

    Sax's Dangerous Properties of Industrial Materials, Tenth Edition is also available on CD-ROM.

    About the Editor

    Richard J. Lewis, Sr. is a chemist with extensive experience in air and industrial pollution measurement, industrial hygiene research, and toxicological and chemical information systems. Formerly manager of Information Systems for the National Institute for Occupational Health and Safety, Lewis is the author of a number of widely used references, including:

    Description | About the Editor | Preface

  • Main Page for this Work
  • Table of Contents

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