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Handbook of Environmental Data on Organic Chemicals
Fourth Edition

Edited by:
Karel Verschueren


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ISBN: 0-471-37490-3, 
Two Volume Print Set

ISBN: 0-471-37488-1, CD-ROM

ISBN: 0-471-41188-4, 
Two Volume Print Set + CD-ROM

Available: December 2000


A trusted reference for over two decades, the Handbook of Environmental Data on Organic Chemicals, Fourth Edition continues to provide dependable, comprehensive, cutting-edge information for environmental and wastewater engineers, groundwater scientists, industrial hygienists, toxicologists, ecologists, geologists, and regulatory personnel.

Get fast, hands-on access to the latest data on organic compounds and their environmental impact

Featuring . . .

  • Environmental data for over 3,000 organic chemicals, gathered from worldwide sources and edited by an internationally renowned expert
  • Ready access to commonly accepted names of chemicals, synonyms, molecular and structural formulas, CAS numbers, and more
  • Extensive appendices containing glossary, abbreviations, over 5,000 bibliographic references, and molecular formulas and CAS cross-indexes
  • Explanatory notes clarify the categories for each entry and describe how the data can be used for pollution prevention and control

250 new compounds . . . 
Since the previous edition was published in 1996, many new organic chemicals have been added to the environment. The Fourth Edition includes new data for an additional 250 compounds, providing an essential tool for dealing with present-day pollution concerns. 600 entries have been revised and updated New information on the effects of dangerous organic chemicals on the environment is emerging constantly. 


Features and highlights . . . 
The Fourth Edition substantially overhauls existing entries to ensure that all data is accurate and timely.

  • Expanded by 30% - 700 new pages - 2 Volumes
    Along with significant expansion of the material, the Fourth Edition is now divided into two volumes, making it even more convenient and easy to use for environmental and safety professionals in different settings.

  • A user-friendly, state-of-the-art CD-ROM
    The Fourth Edition of the CD-ROM now offers the information in HTML format, allowing for quick searches based on specific criteria such as CAS numbers, pollution factors, biological effects, and more.

  • Extensive details on each chemical include:

    Properties-physical appearance, molecular weight, melting point, boiling point, vapor pressure at various temperatures, relative vapor density, saturation concentration in air at different temperatures, solubility, and liquid or solid density at room temperature

    Air pollution factors-conversion factors, odor threshold values and characteristics, atmospheric reactions, natural and manmade sources, emission control methods, and methods of sampling and analysis

    Water and soil pollution factors-biodegradation processes, odor and color of contaminated water or microorganisms, quality of surface water and underground water and sediment, natural and manmade sources of pollution, wastewater treatment methods and results, and methods of sampling and analysis

    Biological effects-residual concentrations, bioaccumulation values, and toxicological effects of exposure in ecosystems, plants, animals, and humans

About the Editor
Karel Verschueren, a chemical and environmental engineer, is internationally known for his work in air and water pollution control. He has been a member of CONCAVE, an international study group involved in the conservation of air and water quality in Europe, and is currently President of Verschueren Environmental Consulting in The Netherlands.

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Main Page for this Work
Table of Contents

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