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unconditional positive regard
: According to Rogers, a crucial attitude for the client-centred therapist to adopt toward the client, who needs to feel complete acceptance as a person in order to evaluate the extent to which current behaviour contributes to self-actualization.

unconditioned response (UCR)
: See classical conditioning.

unconditioned stimulus (UCS): See classical conditioning.

unconscious: A state of unawareness without sensation or thought. In psychoanalytic theory, it is the part of the personality, in particular the id impulses, or id energy, of which the ego is unaware.

under-controlled (behaviour): In reference to childhood disorders, problem behaviour of the child that creates trouble for others, such as disobedience and aggressiveness.

undifferentiated schizophrenia: Diagnosis given for patients whose symptoms do not fit any listed category or meet the criteria for more than one subtype.

unilateral ECT: Electroconvulsive therapy in which electrodes are placed on one side of the forehead so that current passes through only one brain hemisphere.

unipolar depression: A term applied to the disorder of individuals who have experienced episodes of depression but not of mania; referred to as major depression in DSM-IV.