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Find your version of Word and click the link to download the Cleanup Tools template.

Cleanup Tools Download Chart
Word Version Download
PC: 2003 CleanupTools_toolbars.zip (updated September 7, 2012)
Mac: 2004 CleanupTools_toolbars.zip (updated September 7, 2012)
PC: 2007 CleanupTools_Ribbons.zip (updated September 7, 2012)
Mac: 2008 WileySD_Mac_2008.zip (updated Feb. 11, 2010) (Cleanup Tools are included in the WileySD 2008 template). Note: No longer updated.
PC: 2010 CleanupTools_Ribbons.zip (updated September 7, 2012)
Mac: 2011 CleanupTools_Toolbars.zip (updated September 7, 2012)

USPT_Copyediting_and_Style.xls is a Microsoft Excel worksheet that details U.S. P&T copyediting conventions. The conventions and standards in the document may be superseded by project-specific instructions from your Production Editor. Always consult with your Wiley Production contact.

PE_Packet_XML.zip (updated October 30, 2009) is a zip file containing the most current XML Conversion Form and usage instructions for Production Editors to complete prior to releasing final manuscript files.

Proof Markup

Acrobat_Preferred_Markupv7.pdf (for use with Acrobat Professional 7) and Acrobat_Preferred_Markupv9.pdf (for use with Acrobat Professional 9) are PDF documents that detail P&T's preferred method of marking up PDF documents. The documents explain the toolbars we recommend using, and provide some examples of how you might use each tool.

These guides apply to anyone performing markup tasks, including proofreaders, authors, and compositors.

AcrobatStamps.zip is a set of standardized editorial and proofreading stamps to help simplify PDF markup. PLEASE SEE INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS.

AcrobatAdditionalToolsCheatsheet.pdf is a PDF document that lists additional Production tasks performed within Acrobat and where the commands are located on the menus and toolbars.


We do not require indexers to use any Wiley-supplied template for creating an index. However, we do have a specific format in which we prefer to receive indexes. Instructions_to_Indexers.doc is a brief document detailing our preferred format for indexes.