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TheraScribe 4.0
by Jongsma
September 2001
ISBN 0471433179 (Small/SOHO)
0471436321 (Enterprise/SQL)

Installations Notes

1) What do I do if I cannot install TheraScribe or, after installation, I get an "Updateable Query" error message when trying to launch the program?

It is likely that you have been using the Demo version of TheraScribe and have not completely removed it before installing the full version of the software. If you have already installed the full version:

1) Uninstall the full version first by clicking Start / Settings / Control Panel / Add Remove Programs.
2) Locate and highlight TheraScribe 4.0 and click Remove.
3) Search your PC for the folder PEC Technologies and delete that as well if it still exists.
4) Finally, fully remove the Demo version of TheraScribe 4. To do that, download and run the Remove Demo utility on your PC. Once the Demo has been removed, you can then reinstall the full version of TheraScribe 4.0

 2) Are there any known installation issues?

1. Any customer running Zipmagic must deactivate the program before proceeding with the conversion of 3.5 files.

2. Any customer using a Novell server should install the program as per the installation instructions in the User's Manual. Two files must then be renamed in order for the program to run:

XXXXXX.tmp in the therascribe 4 folder to therascribe.exe

XXXXXX.tmp in the Converter folder to converter.exe

3) I have installed the Demo (or full) version of the TheraScribe 4.0 HIPAA module. Later, I decided to roll back to the non-HIPAA version on the same computer. Now, I am experiencing the following reporting errors:  

e.g. 1. "Could Not Open Dataset Objective Progress"
       2. "Therascribe has performed an illegal operation - could not open dataset, session amendment".
       3. "A System error has occurred, restart application." 

What should I do?

A computer that now uses a non-HIPAA version of Therascribe, where previously a HIPAA version was installed, will generate such clinical report errors. The above error messages indicate that the TheraScribe report template was modified when the HIPAA module was installed and it overwrote the non-HIPAA report template. So now the report is generating errors when using the non-HIPAA TheraScribe program. 

To resolve the problem, you must download and install the HIPAA Report Uninstall Utility. It only needs to be run on one workstation and it will fix the problem for any one who uses TheraScribe on both the Solo and SQL versions.

Click HERE to download and install the HIPAA Report Uninstall Utility.(167 KB)

4) What do I do if, when trying to uninstall the TheraScribe 4.0 Demonstration version, I receive an error message that the uninstall routine cannot find the log file?

Perform the steps below to manually uninstall the demonstration version. (This also affects full versions of TheraScribe 4.0 that try to de-install the Demonstration first.)

1. Click Start->Run.  Type regedit and click OK.  The registry editor will open.

2. Click on the plus sign next to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. Then, click on the plus sign next to Software. Next, click on the plus sign next to Microsoft. Next, click on the plus sign next to Windows. Then, click on the plus sign next to CurrentVersion. Finally, click on the plus sign next to Uninstall.

3. Under this key, you will find a key called "TheraScribe 4 Demonstration".  Highlight it and then delete it by choosing the Edit Menu item and then clicking Delete. You can then close Regedit by clicking on the X at the top right of the title bar.

4. Using Windows Explorer, navigate to the folder in which the demonstration was installed (typically, C:\Program Files\PEC Technologies\TheraScribe 4) and delete the folder.

5. You might have a few shortcuts (on the desktop and in the program menu) that you can delete also.

Note: If you would prefer not to edit the Windows registry yourself, please click HERE to download a small program which will fully uninstall the demo by making all the necessary changes to the registry as well as removing the program files and shortcuts. Simply download this file to a folder of your choice on your PC and then double click on it to run the uninstall.