Data Communications Networking Devices
Operation, Utilization and LAN and WAN Internetworking
4th Edition

Gilbert Held, 4-Degree Consulting, Macon, Georgia, USA

0471 97515 X November 1998 Hardback 884pp

The fourth edition of this popular and authoritative text examines the characteristics, operation and application of the devices used to construct a data communications network. It provides detailed and essential information on how to operate and utilise the networking devices used in the design, modification or optimisation of a data communications network.
  • Presents extensive coverage of the fundamental concepts of data communications
  • Includes new sections on ATM/broadband networking, LAN/WAN switches and new examples of network integration devices
  • Examines many specialised devices, including security devices, LZW compression and voice digitisers
  • Discusses the different types of networks, network architecture and the flow of data between several networks
  • Features questions at the end of each chapter to assist understanding


  • Fundamental Concepts
  • Networks and Internetworking
  • Data Transmission Equipment
  • Data Communications Equipment
  • Data Concentration Equipment
  • Redundancy and Reliability Aids
  • Automatic Assistance Devices
  • Specialised Devices
  • Integrating Networking Devices

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