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This second edition of the encyclopedia provides a timely expansion and updating of this outstanding body of knowledge. Listed below is a selection of articles categorised by the areas overseen by the editorial team.

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Categorical Data | Clinical Epidemiology | Clinical Trials | Disease Modeling | Epidemiology | Selected Articles contd | Health Services Research | Historical and Institutional | Laboratory and Basic Science | Longitudinal Data Analysis and Time Series | Medical Specialties | Multivariate Analysis | Sampling and Experimental | Statistical Computing | Statistical Models | Survival Analysis | Theory and Methods | Vital and Health Statistics

Categorical Data

Association, measures of
Bayesian methods for contingencytables
Beta-binomial distribution
Binary data
Bradley-Terry model
Contagious distributions
Contingency table
Continuity correction
Fisher’s exact test
Generalized linear mixed models
Generating functions
Goodman-Kruskal measures of association
Iterative proportional fitting
Logistic regression, conditional
Mantel-Haenszel methods
Marginal models
Matched pairs with categorical data
McNemar test
Misclassification models
Polya’s urn model
Polytomous data
Power divergence statistics
Proportional-odds model
Proportions, inferences and comparisons
Spatial models for categorical data
Square contingency table
Trend test for counts and proportions
Two-by-two table

Clinical Epidemiology

Computer-aided diagnosis
Computerized therapeutic decision support
Diagnostic test accuracy
Dose-response in pharmacoepidemiology
Drug approval and regulation
Epidemiology as legal evidence
Gold standard test
Meta-analysis of diagnostic tests
Multiple diagnostic tests
Natural history study of prognosis
Normal clinical values, design of a study
Normal clinical values, reference intervals for number needed to treat (NNT)
Pharmacoepidemiology, adverse and beneficial effects
Pharmacoepidemiology, overview
Pharmacoepidemiology, study designs
Postmarketing surveillance of new drugs and assessment of risk
Predictive modeling of prognosis
Receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curves
Risk assessment in clinical decision making
Screening benefit, evaluation of
Screening, models of
Screening, overview
Time-varying treatment effect

Clinical Trials

Adaptive designs for clinical trials
Bayesian methods in clinical trials
Clinical significance versus statistical significance
Clinical trials audit and quality control
Clinical trials, overview
Cluster randomization
Cooperative Studies Program, US
Department of Veterans Affairs
Data monitoring committees
Eligibility and exclusion criteria
Equivalence trials
Ethics of randomized trials
Fraud in clinical trials
Guidelines on statistical methods in clinical trials
Intention to treat analysis
Medical devices
Meta-analysis of clinical trials
Missing data in clinical trials
Multicenter trials
Multiple endpoints
National Surgical Adjuvant Breast &
Bowel Project
Noncompliance, adjustment for
Nonrandomized trials
Outcome measures in clinical trials
Phase I trials
Phase II trials
Prevention trials
Quality of life
Randomized treatment assignment
Sample size determination for clinical trials
Society for Clinical Trials
Software for clinical trials
Textbooks in clinical trials
Women’s Health Initiative: statistical aspects & selected early results

Disease Modeling

Accident proneness
Bacterial growth, division, and mutation
Clinical signals
Compartment models
Conception, models for
Epidemic curve
Epidemic models, control
Epidemic models, inference
Epidemic models, multi-strain
Epidemic models, recurrent
Epidemic models, stochastic
Epidemic models, structured population
Infectious disease models
Ion channel modeling
Mathematical biology, overview
Migration processes
Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics
Sensitivity analysis of epidemic models
Shape analysis
SIR epidemic models
Tumor growth
Tumor modeling
Viral population growth models


Attributable risk
Bias from exposure effects on controls
Bias, overview
Bias, protopathic
Case series, case reports
Cohort study
Cross-sectional study
Cumulative incidence
Density sampling
Detection bias
Differential error
Dynamic population
Ecologic fallacy
Eligibility restriction
Epi Info
Epidemiology overview
Experimental study
Exposure effect
Frequency matching
Hawthorne effect
Incidence rate
Incidence-prevalence relationships
Measurement error in epidemiologic studies
Meta-analysis in epidemiology
Multiplicative model
Poisson regression in epidemiology
Radiation epidemiology
Reliability study
Risk assessment for environmental chemicals
Risk factor
Smoothing methods in epidemiology
Study population
Systematic error
Case-only gene mapping

Selected Articles contd

DNA sequences
Family-based association for quantitative traits.
Gene expression analysis
Genetic counseling
Genetic distance
Genetic risk ratios
Genome-wide significance
HLA system
Human genetics, overview
Human genome project
Linkage analysis, model free
Meta-Analysis in human genetics
Parental effects
Protecting privacy in genetic studies
Software for genetic epidemiology
Statistical forensics

Health Services Research

Diagnosis related groups (DRGs)
Group randomized trials
Health care technology assessment
Health science informatics
Health services data sources in Europe
Health services data sources in the US
Health services research, overview
Instrumental variables in health
services research
League tables
Medicare data
Outcomes research
Profiling providers of medical care
Program evaluation
Quality of care
Quality of life and health status
Simulation in operations research
Small area variation analysis Unit of analysis

Historical and Institutional

American Statistical Association
Berkson, J.
Biometrical Journal (J)
Biometrics (J)
Biometrika (J)
Bradford Hill Lectures
Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC)
Cochrane Collaboration
Committee of Presidents of Statistical
Societies (COPSS)
Controlled Clinical Trials (J)
De Finetti
European Federation of Statisticians in the Pharmaceutical Industry (EFPSI)
Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
Hawkins, F. Bisset
International Biometric Society
International Society for Clinical Biostatistics
Journal of Clinical Epidemiology (J)
Journal of the American Statistical Association
Moran, Patrick Alfred Pierce
Peirce, C.S.
Quetelet, A.
Royal Statistical Society
Savage, Leonard Jimmie
Scientific method and statistics
Statistical Methods in Medical Research (J)
Teaching statistics to medical students
Teaching statistics to physicians
University Group Diabetes Program (UGDP)
World Health Organization (WHO): global health situation

Laboratory and Basic Science

Biological assay, overview
Dilution method for bacterial density estimation
Dose-response models in risk analysis
Mutagenicity study
Parallel-line assay
Serial dilution assay

Longitudinal Data Analysis and Time Series

Autocorrelation function
Barahona-Poon test
Baseline adjustment in longitudinal studies
Broadband smoothing
Causal direction, determination
Choi-Williams distribution
Correspondence analysis of longitudinal data
Diagnostics in modeling longitudinal data
Direct and indirect effects
Discrimination and clustering for multivariate time series
Instrumental variables
Kalman filter
Levinson Durbin algorithm
Linear mixed effect models for longitudinal data
Lomb periodogram
Longitudinal data analysis, overview
Mining time series data
Multivariate adaptive splines for analysing longitudinal data
Non Fourier waveforms
Nonignorable drop-out in longitudinal studies
Nonlinear mixed effects models for longitudinal data
Nonparametric regression analysis of longiutudinal data
Reverse arrangement test
Statistical vector field plot
Time series similarity measures
Transfer function models
Wavelet analysis
Wigner-Ville distribution
Z analysis
Zero padding

Medical Specialties

Accident and emergency medicine
BSE and vCJD
Cardiology and cardiovascular disease
Sports medicine
Travel medicine

Multivariate Analysis

Additive trees
Bagging and boosting
Centroid Method
Classification, overview
Cosine of angle between two vectors
Cronbach’s alpha
Data mining (software)
Factor analysis, overview
Factor analysis, second order
Factor loading matrix
Knowledge discovery and data mining
Lambda criterion, Wilks’
Microarray procedures
Multidimensional scaling
Multivariate analysis of variance
Multivariate analysis, overview
Multivariate distributions, overview
Multivariate multiple regression
Multivariate t distribution
Multivariate Weibull distribution
Oblimin rotation
Oblique rotation
Orthoblique rotation
Orthogonal rotation
Pattern recognition
Pillai’s trace test
Probabilistic functional trees
Procrustes rotation
Projection pursuit
Psychometrics, overview
Reduced rank regression
Roy’s maximum root criteria
Similarity, dissimilarity, and distance measure
Single linkage clustering
Varimax rotation

Sampling and Experimental

Adaptive sampling
Berkson’s fallacy
Binomial confidence intervals when no events are observed
Call-backs and mail-backs in sample surveys
Cluster sampling, optimal allocation
Distance sampling
Double sampling
Establishment surveys with population survey-generated sampling frames
Experimental design
Incomplete block designs
National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS)
Optimal design
Partially balanced incomplete block design
Quota, representative, and other methods of purposive sampling
Sample size adequacy in surveys Software for sample survey data, misuse of standard packages
Stratified sampling
Superpopulation models in survey sampling

Statistical Computing

Bootstrap method
Computer architecture and organization
Computer languages and programs
Confidentiality and computers
Database systems
Dynamic programming
Jackknife method
Machine learning
Markov chain Monte Carlo, recent developments
Numerical analysis
Polynomial approximation
Software, biostatistical
Spline smoothing
Support vector machines

Statistical Models

Akaike’s criteria
Bayesian goodness of fit
Bayesian methods for model comparison
Errors in the measurement of covariates
Fan plot
Fixed effects
Forward search
Mallows’ Cp statistic
Measurement scale
Nonlinear regression
Response variable
Robust regression
Two-stage least squares regression
Variance components

Survival Analysis

Aalen-Johansen estimator
Additive-multiplicative intensity models
Bayesian model selection in survival analysis
Bayesian survival analysis
Bootstrapping in survival analysis
Compliance and survival analysis
Current status data
Event history analysis
Excess mortality
Expected survival curve
Goodness of fit in survival analysis
Grenander estimators
Hazard models based on first passage time distributions
Hazard plotting
Historical controls in survival analysis
Interim analysis of censored data
Inverse probability weighting in survival analysis
Joint modeling of longitudinal and event time data
Kaplan-Meier estimator
Lexis diagram
Proportional hazards, overview
Residuals for survival analysis
Sample size determination in survival analysis
Survival analysis, overview
Survival analysis, software
Survival distributions and their characteristics
Time origin, choice of
Time to pregnancy
Turnbull estimator Weibull distribution

Theory and Methods

Aspin-Welch test
Bayes factors
Bayes’ theorem
Bivariate normal distribution
Central limit theory
Chaos theory
Chi-square distribution
Conditionality principle
Data mining
Edgeworth expansion
Empirical Bayes
Inference, foundations of
Information matrix
Inverse Gaussian distribution
James-Stein estimator
J-shaped distribution
Kullback-Leibler information
Likelihood principle
Likelihood ratio
Location-scale family
Saddlepoint approximation
Standard normal deviate
Statistical dependence and independence
Student’s t distribution
Student’s t statistics
Wilcoxon-type scale tests

Vital and Health Statistics

Actuarial methods
Burden of disease
Data access, national and international
Death certification
Interviewing techniques
Mapping disease patterns
Person-years at risk
Record linkage
Social classifications
Surveys, health, and morbidity
Vital statistics, overview

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