Handbook of Marine Craft Hydrodynamics and Motion Control
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Handbook of Marine Craft Hydrodynamics and Motion Control

Handbook of Marine Craft Hydrodynamics and Motion Control
Thor I. Fossen

600pp Hardcover
April 2011

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The technology of hydrodynamic modeling and marine craft motion control systems has progressed greatly in recent years. This timely survey includes the latest tools for analysis and design of advanced guidance, navigation and control systems and presents new material on underwater vehicles and surface vessels. Each section presents numerous case studies and applications, providing a practical understanding of how model-based motion control systems are designed.

Key features include:

With an appropriate balance between mathematical theory and practical applications, academic and industrial researchers working in marine and control engineering aspects of manned and unmanned maritime vehicles will benefit from this comprehensive handbook. It is also suitable for final year undergraduates and postgraduates, lecturers, development officers, and practitioners in the areas of rigid-body modeling, hydrodynamics, simulation of marine craft, control and estimation theory, decision-support systems and sensor fusion.