ID Numbers for Cross Referencing
This list will help you include cross references to other articles in GGPB. Find the article that you wish to cross refer to, note its corresponding unique ID number e.g (g203206) and then insert that unique ID number into your text. Please do not insert the article title, just its unique ID number. This makes your work easier (less typing) and it gives us a unique identifier to ensure that accurate and unambiguous cross-referencing is obtained. Thank you for using the unique ID numbers. Please remember you can cross reference to articles outside the section in which your article appears.
Author Checklist
Please submit the first draft of your chapter via email to
When submitting the final version of your chapter please ensure you include the following:
• Cover sheet, listing:
  Contributor full name
  Contributor correspondance address, telephone, fax and email details
  Chapter title
  Folio count (total number of manuscript pages including figures)
  Total number of illustrations
  Total number of tables
• Original prints of all illustrations
• Abstract (one paragraph summarising the main points of your chapter
• 5-10 keywords (for use in online searches)
• Copies of all letters granting permission
Further information on any of the above can be found in the Instructions for Contributors (108 KB)