Genome Sequencing id number >>
Section Editor: Bruce A. Roe, University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma, USA
Eukaryotic genomics - Mark D. Adams
Genome sequencing of microbial species - Jacques Ravel, Claire M. Fraser
Hierarchical, ordered mapped large insert clone shotgun sequencing - Bruce A. Roe
Sequencing templates-shotgun clone isolation versus amplification approaches - Rebecca Deadman, Carl W. Fuller
Robotics and automation - Elaine R. Mardis
Microelectrophoresis devices for DNA sequencing - Daniel J. Ehrlich, James H. Aborn, Sameh A. El-Difrawy, Elizabeth A. Gismondi, Roger Lam, Brian McKenna, Thomas O'Neil
Single molecule array-based sequencing - Simon T. Bennett, Tony J. Smith
Real-time DNA sequencing - Susan H. Hardin
Mapping id number >>
Section Editor: Marco A. Marra, Genome Sciences Centre, Vancouver, Canada
Linking DNA to production: the mapping of quantitative trait loci in livestock - Stephen S. Moore, Christiane Hansen, Changxi Li
Genome mapping overview - Michael Lovett, Wesley C. Warren
Mapping complex disease phenotypes - David A Collier
YAC-STS content mapping - Claudia Gosele, Heike Zimdahl, Norbert Hubner
Haplotype mapping - Alexandre Montpetit, Fanny Chagnon, Thomas J. Hudson
The construction and use of radiation hybrid maps in genomic research - André Eggen, Mathieu Gautier
Linkage mapping - Marie-Pierre Dubé, Mark E. Samuels
Synteny mapping - Simon G. Gregory
Linkage disequilibrium and whole genome association studies - Angela R. Brooks-Wilson, Karen L. Novik
Fingerprint mapping - Jacqueline E. Schein, Martin I. Krzywinski
Hitchhiking mapping - Christian Schlötterer
Restriction fragment fingerprinting software - Carol A. Soderlund
Microarray comparative genome hybridization - Robert A. Holt, Martin Krzywinski
The Happy mapping approach - Francis Galibert
The technology tour de force of the Human Genome Project - Elaine Mardis
The Human Genome id number >>
Section Editor: Richard K. Wilson, Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University, St. Louis, USA
The human genome project - Tim Hubbard
Noncoding RNAs in mammals - Timothy Ravasi, David A. Hume
Segmental duplications and the human genome - Rhea U. Vallente, Evan E. Eichler
Genome assembly - Michael C. Wendl, John W. Wallis, Shiaw-Pyng Yang, Asif T. Chinwalla, LaDeana W. Hillier
The distribution of genes in human genome - Giorgio Bernardi
Pseudogenes - David Torrents
Endogenous retroviruses - Jens Mayer
Transcriptional promoters - Wyeth W. Wasserman
Comparisons with primate genomes - Mariano Rocchi, Nicoletta Archidiacono
Alternative splicing: conservation and function - Mikhail S. Gelfand, Evgenia V. Kriventseva
Overlapping genes in the human genome - Izabela Makalowska
Human microRNAs - Sam Griffiths-Jones
Model organisms, functional and comparative genomics id number >>
Section Editor: Steve D. M. Brown, MRC Mammalian Genetics Unit, Harwell, UK
Genome archaeology - Samuel Aparicio
Functional analysis of genes - Rick Woychik, Carol Bult
Mouse models - Michelle E. Goldsworthy, Roger D. Cox
The rat as a model physiological system - Dominique Gauguier
Farm animals - Leif Andersson
Mouse mutagenesis and gene function - Ralf Kühn, Wolfgang Wurst
Systematic mutagenesis of non-mammalian model species - David Sattelle, Marcel van den Heuvel
The Fugu and Zebrafish genomes - Greg Elgar
Functional genomics in Saccharomyces cerevisiae - Kara Dolinski, Olga Troyanskaya
The mouse genome sequence - Ian J. Jackson
The C. elegans genome - Jonathan Hodgkin
The Drosophila genome(s) - Steven Russell, Casey M. Bergman
Comparative sequencing of vertebrate genomes - Matthew E. Portnoy, Eric D. Green
Bacteria/Pathogens id number >>
Section Editor: Julian Parkhill, The Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Cambridge, UK
Eukaryotic parasite genome projects - Neil Hall
Bacterial pathogens of man - Julian Parkhill
Genomics of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex and Mycobacterium leprae - Stephen V. Gordon, Roland Brosch
The Mycoplasmas-a congruent path toward minimal life functions - Leka Papazisi, Scott N. Peterson
Genomics of enterobacteriaceae - Jeremy D. Glasner, Nicole T. Perna
Reverse vaccinology: a critical analysis - Guido Grandi
The nuclear genome of apicomplexan parasites - James W. Ajioka, Elizabeth T. Brooke-Powell, Kiew-Lian Wan
The organelles of apicomplexan parasites - James W. Ajioka, Elizabeth T. Brooke-Powell, Kiew-Lian Wan
Kinetoplastid genomics - Chris Peacock, Christiane Hertz-Fowler
Methods for detecting horizontal transfer of genes - Jeffrey G. Lawrence
Genome-wide analysis of group A Streptococcus - Nicole M. Green, James M. Musser
Chlamydiae - Timothy D. Read
Environmental shotgun sequencing - Gene W. Tyson, Philip Hugenholtz
The neisserial genomes: what they reveal about the diversity and behavior of these species - Nigel J. Saunders, Lori A. S. Snyder
The staphylococci - Steven R. Gill
Yersinia - Nicholas R. Thomson
Spirochete genomes - George Weinstock
Comparative genomics of the e-proteobacterial human pathogens Helicobacter pylori and Campylobacter jejuni - Nick Dorrell, Wren Brendan
SNPs/Haplotypes id number >>
Section Editor: Mark Daly, Whitehead Institute Center for Genome Research, Massachusetts, USA
Normal DNA sequence variations in humans - Kenneth K. Kidd
History of genetic mapping - Newton E. Morton
Reliability and utility of single nucleotide polymorphisms for genetic association studies - C. Leigh Pearce, Joel N. Hirschhorn
SNPs and human history - Jeffrey D. Wall
Pharmacogenetics and personalised medicine - Alun D McCarthy, James L Kennedy, Lefkos T Middleton
Creating LD maps of the genome - Andrew Collins, Sarah Ennis
Avoiding stratification in association studies - Bernie Devlin, Kathryn Roeder
Evolutionary modeling in haplotype analysis - Peter Donnelly
Genotyping technology: the present and the future - Pui-Yan Kwok, Ting-Fung Chan
Mapping by admixture linkage disequilibrium (MALD) - Michael William Smith
Finding and using haplotype blocks in candidate gene association studies - Daniel O Stram
EST's: Cancer Genes & Anatomy Project id number >>
Section Editor: Winston Hide, South African National Bioinformatics Institute, University Western Cape, Bellville, South Africa
Technologies for systematic analysis of eukaryotic transcriptomes - Robert L. Strausberg
What is an EST? - Andrey Ptitsyn, Winston A. Hide
Using ORESTES ESTs to mine gene cancer expression data - Sandro J. de Souza, Pedro A.F. Galante, Rodrigo Soares
Using ESTs for genome annotation - predicting the transcriptome - Eduardo Eyras
EST resources, clone sets, and databases - Janet F. Kelso
Proteome knowledge bases in the context of cancer - Djamel Medjahed, Peter A. Lemkin
The role of nonsense-mediated decay in physiological and pathological processes - Jill A. Holbrook, Gabriele Neu-Yilik, Matthias W. Hentze, Andreas E. Kulozik
Pilot gene discovery in plasmodial pathogens - Jane M. Carlton
Disease gene candidacy and ESTs - Mark I. McCarthy
EST clustering: A short tutorial - Winston A. Hide
Using UniGene, STACK, and TIGR indices - Alan G. Christoffels
Manufacturing EST libraries - Marcelo B. Soares, Maria F. Bonaldo
Expression Profiling id number >>
Section Editor: John Quackenbush, Harvard School of Public Health, Massachusetts, USA
Microarrays: an overview - Jörg D. Hoheisel
Microarray CGH - Denis A. Smirnov, Vivian G. Cheung
Expression and localization of proteins in mammalian cells - Jennifer L. Stow, Rohan D. Teasdale
The promise of gene signatures in cancer diagnosis and prognosis - Jimmy C. Sung, Alice Y. Lee, Timothy J. Yeatman
Creating and hybridizing spotted DNA arrays - Ivana V. Yang
Using oligonucleotide arrays - Eric P Hoffman, Lindsay W Mitchell
Integrating genotypic, molecular profiling and clinical data to elucidate common human diseases - Alan Sachs, Eric E. Schadt
Genomic analysis of host pathogen interactions - Catherine V. Gale, Paul Kellam
Bacterial genome organization: comparative expression profiling, operons, regulons, and beyond - Scott N. Peterson
Protein microarrays as an emerging tool for proteomics - Ji Qiu, Sam Hanash
Seven years of yeast microarray analysis - Gavin Sherlock, Paul T. Spellman
Tissue microarrays - Guido Sauter, Martina Mirlacher, Ronald Simon
The use of external controls in microarray experiments - Joop M.L.M. van Helvoort, Dik van Leenen, Frank C.P. Holstege
SAGE - Seth Blackshaw