Numerical Calculation of Lubrication: Methods and Programs
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Numerical Calculation of Lubrication: Methods and Programs
Ping Huang

408 pages  Hardcover   
July 2013    

This book describes basic lubrication problems and specific engineering applications. It focuses on the Reynolds equation, illustrating solutions with different conditions and discrete forms, such as dynamic bearing or grease lubrication. Thermal fluid lubrication problems are addressed by combining the Reynolds and energy equation solution, while the topic of elastohydrodynamic lubrication illustrates a combination of programs, join solution methods, and the Reynolds equation. Additional programs address lubrication for different parts with specific design, such as the magnetic hard disk/head and its steady-state design.

Focusing on basic lubrication problems this book offers specific engineering applications. The book introduces methods and programs for the most important lubrication problems and their solutions. It is divided into four parts. The first part is about the general solving methods of the Reynolds equation, including solutions of Reynolds equations with different conditions and their discrete forms, such as a steady-state incompressible slider, journal bearing, dynamic bearing, gas bearing and grease lubrication. The second part gives the "energy equation solution". The third part introduces methods and programs for elasto-hydrodynamic lurbication, which links the Reynolds equation with the elastic deformation equation. The final part presents application lubrication programs used in engineering.

With an emphasis on clear explanations, the text offers a thorough understanding of the numerical calculation of lubrication for graduate students on tribology and engineering mechanics courses, with more detailed materials suitable for engineers. This is an accessible reference for senior undergraduate students of tribology and researchers in thin-film fluid mechanics.

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