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March 2015

Welcome to the companion site for Breaking Negative Thinking Patterns. This website gives you access to the rich tools and resources available for this text.

    On this website you will find:
  • Work sheet 1: My mode overview
  • Work sheet 2: My vulnerable child mode
  • Work sheet 3: My angry / impulsive child mode
  • Work sheet 4: Advantages and disadvantages of my angry / impulsive child mode
  • Work sheet 5: My happy child mode
  • Work sheet 6: My demanding parent mode
  • Work sheet 7: My guilt-inducing parent mode
  • Work sheet 8: My punitive parent mode
  • Work sheet 9: My surrendering coping mode
  • Worksheet 9a: Example of a "Surrender" Worksheet
  • Work sheet 10: My avoidant coping mode
  • Worksheet 10a: Example of an Avoidant Workshe
  • Work sheet 11: My over-compensatory coping mode
  • Work sheet 12: My healthy adult mode
  • Work sheet 13: Identifying parent messages
  • Work sheet 14: My parent messages
  • Work sheet 15: Collecting messages against the damaging parent mode
  • Work sheet 16: Pros and cons of my coping mode
  • Work sheet 17: Changing my coping mode
  • Work sheet 18: Changes
  • Work sheet 19: Behavior experiment

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